SCOTT STORCH – Music Producer

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Scott Storch aka “The Boss of the Beats” is the music industry’s most sought after producer. At age 32,
Scott has been recognized with over 30 major awards and nominations; it comes as no surprise that Storch has over 150 Million units sold to add to his long list of accolades. His diverse musical ingenuity has propelled such artists as Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, The Roots, Beyonce and 50 Cent into chart topping stratospheres, adding number one hits to their discographies. His resume reads like a “Who’s Who?” in Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop with a long line of artists waiting for the Storch touch to turn their records into platinum hits.

Storch’s passion for music started at the impressionable age of 4 while living in Philadelphia where he began studying the piano. By the fifth grade, he was playing for people when a friend’s father paid him $200 to play the piano for five minutes. “That’s when I realized I could make money making music,” Storch proclaims. His finesse with multiple genres could have to do with his broad array of influences growing up; from his brother’s rap, Luke and Eazy E, to his mom’s Gershwin and Sinatra. Gershwin’s “Summertime” is still a Storch favorite!

As a teenager, Storch became a session player for Philadelphia-area groups and in 1993 he was commissioned to play the keyboard for the group The Roots on the Organix album; the project led to a major label deal for The Roots and solidified Storch’s role as the keyboardist for the multi-platinum group. It was during this time when Scott was discovered by the legendary Derek “LA” Jackson, who now carries the moniker of Storch’s manager.

Scott Storch’s knack for laying down dazzling keyboard lines led to a burgeoning career as a musically blessed producer. Storch’s big break came in 1999 when his staple keyboard riff laced “Still D.R.E.” featuring Snoop Dogg — the mammoth lead single to Dr. Dre’s comeback album. Working alongside Dre led him into production and soon Storch found himself co-producing the lead single to Xzibit’s Restless album, “X”, while simultaneously receiving the opportunity to produce three tracks for Snoop Dogg’s Tha Last Meal (“Brake Fluid,” “Ready 2 Ryde,” “Y’all Gone Miss Me”). Dr Dre explains, “Scott is the only producer to co-write with me that went on, without me, to become great.”

Over the past five years, Storch has become one of the most in-demand producers/songwriters. Since 1999, Scott has been part of 11 multi-platinum, 9 platinum, and 17 gold albums. He was honored as ASCAP’s Pop Song Writer of the Year in 2005 and has won 4 awards from the Society. As well, Storch has been recognized by the Grammy Academy with over 8 nominations and awards. His chart sales in 2005 which include Chris Brown’s “Run It” (five weeks at #1), Mario’s, “Let Me Love You” (nine weeks at #1) and 50 Cent’s, “Candy Shop (nine weeks at #1), equally lent a hand in Billboard recognizing him as the #1 producer/songwriter of ‘05 on the Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop categories.

What’s next for Storch? He recently completed heiress Paris Hilton’s highly anticipated debut album Paris
is Burning slated for release in April 2006. “Every one of [Storch’s] songs, I listen to all the time,” Hilton enthused. “I had no idea it was just one person who did all those songs. It’s crazy.” Currently, you can find Storch at home in sunny Miami creating future platinum hits for notable artists such as Christina Aguilera, Ice Cube, Mya, Remy Ma, Juvenile, Jessica Simpson, Kevin Federline, and The Game.

Storch masters the maxim that slow and steady wins the race. He has the workhorse mentality of a session player, focusing on revenue rather than fame, but his manager, Jackson, has readied him for the next chapter. Forming a label with Jackson, who has successfully managed Storch’s career for 12 years, is the next logical step. Storch has proven that he has the magic gift of creating monster hits with sounds that will resonate for years.


1. Baby Boy- Beyonce feat. Sean Paul
2. Break Ya Neck- Busta Rhymes
3. Can’t Hold Us Down- Christina Aguilera feat. Lil Kim
4. Candy Shop- 50 Cent feat. Olivia
5. Clap Back- Ja Rule
6. Cold Rust – Young Buck
7. Conceited- Remy Ma
8. Cry Me A River- Justin Timberlake
9. Dope Fiend- Johnta Austin
10. Family Portrait- Pink
11. Fighter- Christina Aguilera
12. Fighting Over Me – Paris Hilton feat. Jadakiss and Fat Joe
13. Fired Up – Jessica Simpson
14. Gimme That- Chris Brown
15. Give ‘Em What They Want – DMX
16. Heartbeat – Paris Hilton
17. I Don’t Care- Ricky Martin feat. Fat Joe, Amerie
18. Is it Me – Method Man
19. Jamaican Ting – Beenie Man
20. Jealousy – Paris Hilton
21. Just A Lil Bit- 50 Cent
22. Keep ‘Em Coming – Young Buck
23. Lean Back- Terror Squad
24. Let Me Blow Ya Mind- Eve
25. Let Me Love You- Mario
26. Lock U Down – Mya
27. Lord Give Me A Sign – DMX
28. Make it Rain – Fat Joe feat. Lil’ Wayne
29. Me, Myself, and I- Beyonce
30. Naughty Girl- Beyonce
31. Please- Toni Braxton
32. Poppin Them Thangs- G-Unit
33. Run It- Chris Brown
34. Sleep On It – Danity Kane
35. Steal The Show – Ice Cube
36. Still D.R.E.- Dr. Dre
37. Strip Club (Let’s Ride) – The Game
38. Supastar- Floetry feat. Common
39. This Time – JoJo
40. Trilogy – Kelis
41. Turn It Up – Paris Hilton
42. Turn You On – Paris Hilton
43. Up In My Room – Johnta Austin
44. Why We Thugs- Ice Cube
45. You Got Me – The Roots