RVSHVD – NEW EP + New Video – Hunnids In a Honky Tonk ft. Paul Wall

Today South Georgia singer songwriter RVSHVD (pronounce RA-SHAD) releases his debut EP The Intro. The project validates his contribution within today’s country music expansion while featuring rock star collaborators Ice Nine Kills, Asking Alexandria and hip hop icon Paul Wall.



“My EP, The Intro, is a collection of everything I’m inspired by sonically and lyrically” shares RVSHVD. “We’ve been drilling down to make sure these songs are my own from production, the story telling, and everything else that goes with it. Being that it’s my first EP in over five years, I pushed myself more than ever but made sure I didn’t forget what got me my fans in the first place. I can’t wait for everyone to hear them and see ya on the road the rest of the year.”



On working with Paul Wall: “When I finished the song, I knew it needed something to tie it all together and I’m so glad Paul was able to do that. Paul’s verse adds another layer to this song that makes it fun.”

RVSHVD hails from the small town of Willacoochee, Georgia (population 1200). As a teenager he was into hip hop and making beats, but his world turned upside down when he heard “Sweet Thing” by Keith Urban. Soon he discovered the music of Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn; all of whom he credits with influencing his love of country music. He immediately found writing songs in the country vein to be more personal and rewarding, saying, “I can be myself in country music, talking about the real things I do and feel without trying to be a persona you need to be successful in hip-hop or other genres.”

With the help of his signature vocal tone and a bare bones home studio, RVSHVD hit the jackpot on his country version of Roddy Ricch’s “Ballin.” The song went viral on Spotify, TikTok, Apple and YouTube amassing over 25M streams and lifting his catalog of songs to over 125M streams. A preview of his most recent single, “Shoebox Money,” struck a national conversation racking up 15M plays, 1M likes, and 450K+ shares on Instagram Reels alone, a testament to his unique position in the country music lexicon. His most recent single, “Deal with The Devil” is currently playing on SIRIUS XM’s The Highway Channel.

RVSHVD is signed to The Penthouse South / Sumerian Records / Virgin Music label, EMPIRE for publishing and CAA for touring.