ROCKWILDER – Music Producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


Dana Stinson a.k.a. Rockwilder, is one of Hip-Hop and R&B’s top producer with a Grammy Award to prove it. He is responsible for over 60,000,000 + Record Sales and Billboard top-charting songs. Rockwilder got his start by producing album tracks on Redman’s late-1990’s LPs.In late 1999, Rockwilders ground-breaking track for Method Man and Redman titled “Da Rockwilder” launched him into super producer status.

After becoming one of the top producers in the music industry, he talently crafted hit records for other artists, such as Jay-Z’s “Do it Again” (1999), De La Soul’s “OOhhh” (2000), and many others. In addition, he produced several tracks on Janet Jackson “All for You” album and Destiny’s Child, the “Rockwilder Remix” of “Bootylicious”. Last but not least, he was the co-producer with Missy Elliot, of the 2001 Christina Aguilera/Pink/Mya/Lil Kim cover of LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade” for the film “Moulin Rouge”! For which he received a Grammy Award.

Furthermore, Rockwilder has founded his own record/production company, titled “Muzic Park Entertainment”. Which will be launching its first act, Motown recording singer/songwriter Yummy Bingham.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the legend and get some insight on this versatile producer.

-Interview written by: Flex

Rockwilder’s resume is a mile long, he’s produced for Janet Jackson, Pink, He made Christina Aguilra “Dirty”, made us all Do it Again with Jay-Z, Big Pun, LL Cool J, Redman you name ’em and he’s done a track for ’em…..Since Rock and I go back like George Jeffersons hairline, I recently sat down with him at his home, and we discussed music, the internet, watched some dvd’s and basically kicked it about what he’s been up to..

– What projects are you working on?
Rockwilder: Yummy on Motown.

– You have a label situation through Universal, correct?
Rockwilder: Yes, its called Muzicpark.

– Are you working with any artists through that situation?
Rockwilder: Range, who is a hot r&b male artist, .”Hood Angels”, is my album, kinda like a Chronic…. I might, rap a little bit,,,ya know….(laughs) and Flex and Hated, who are hot producers under my camp…watch out for them.

– As a producer, what equipment, gives you your sound?
Rockwilder: Logic (software) Battery (software), Mpc 4000, and Reasons (software).

– Most producers stay in one lane, but you have done r&b, rap, and pop….do you have a favorite?
Rockwilder: All the of em….that was my plan, to be versatile, I never wanted to be in one lane, I never wanted to be labeled, I just like to make good music.

– Is there any artist, you wanna to work with?
Rockwilder: I wanna work with everyone. I like working with new artists. I’ve always wanted to work with Janet Jackson and I did that.

– What producers influence you?
Rockwilder: Just Blaze is crazy, Scott Storch, Pharell, and Timabaland.

– Who put you in the game?
Rockwilder: Redman. He working on his new shit…I’m still working with Redman, Still Def Squad.

(Flex says) Oh ok, I just seen Redman, in Manhattan, he jumped out of a sick BMW coupe, Funk Doc is still the shit!

– What do u attribute your success to?
Rockwilder: Love for music, I wanna work with other producers…..I wanna give back to music. I did what I was supposed to do as a producer, on every level, so now I wanna help others get in the game. That’s what is all about.

– Is it a producer driven game or an artist driven game? Do labels control the music?
Rockwilder: Its a music driven game, its a hit record driven game. Producers defintely drive the game tho…set the trends for what’s new and exciting.

– So, What’s next for music in general, where do you see it going?
Rockwilder: So many people are selling Independent, I think the game is going that way. The internet is playing heavy into the independent game.

– So is the internet helping the music or hurting the music?
Rockwilder: Both. It’s hurting the game as far as sales. However, the internet is allowing more control back to the artist, and the community.. We have Jay-Z, and the labels aint making a way for us to have another
one, the labels aint grooming artists like they used to…and we gonna continue to see that.

– Final words:
Rockwilder: The people should decide what’s hot, not the label, not the radio, not these djs, naw mean? Bringing the music back to the people and we are going to allow artists to have mobile ringtones with the online label as well, so it gonna be some next level shit.

– As always Rockwilder stays ahead of the game, thanx for speaking with us.


50 cent – like my style
American Idol Ruben Studdard – Shining Star
Amil – Girlfriend
Amil- Y’all Dead Wrong
Beanie Sigel – Stop Chill
Beenie Man f. Redman – Love Me Now (Rockwilder Remix)
Beyonce – Krazy in Luv (Rockwilder Remix)
Big Punisher – You Came Up
Big Punisher f. Black Thought – Super Lyrical
Busta Rhymes – One
Busta Rhymes – Do It To Death
Busta Rhymes f. Lenny Kravitz – Make Noise
Busta Rhymes f. Rah Digga – Gettin’ It
Busta Rhymes – Better Stay Up Out The House
Craig G – Stomped
Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil’ Kim, Missy, Pink – Lady Marmalade (Grammy Award)
Christina Aguilera – Dirty
De La Soul f. Busta Rhymes – I.C. Y’all
Destiny’s Child – Free
Destiny’s Child – If
Destiny’s Child f. Missy Elliott- Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)
D.I.T.C. – Thick (Rockwilder Remix)
Dutch & Spade – If U Want It
Tha Dwellas – Da Ruckus
Tha Dwellas f. Organized Konfusion – Ill Collabo
EPMD – Da Joint
Eminem f Dr Dre – If I Get Locked Up
Erick Sermon – Got ‘Em Stuck
Erick Sermon It Nuttin
Fabolous – Get Right
Fat Joe – Murder Rap
Flipmode Squad – Settin’ It Off
Flipmode Squad – Hit ’em With The Heat
Ice Cube – Hundred Dolla Bill Y’all
Janet Jackson – Trust a Try
Janet Jackson – All 4 You (Rockwilder Remix)
Janet Jackosn – Doesn’t Really Matter (Rockwider Remix)
Janet Jackson – Truth
Janet Jackson – Feels So Good
Janet Jackson – When We Oooh
Janet Jackson – Better Days
Janet Jackson – The Who
Jay-Z – Do It Again
Jay-Z f. R. Kelly – Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Jay-Z & Angie Martinez – Mi Amor Y
Jay-Z – For My Thugs
Keith Murray – He’s Back
Kelis f Nas – In Public
Left Eye Lopez – Hot
Lil’ Kim – N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. K.I.M.
LL Cool J – Imagine That
Mary J. Blige – Keep It Movin’
Mary J. Blige f. Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz – Rock Steady
Maxwell – Get to know you (Rockwilder Remix)
Method Man – True
Method Man – Act Right
Method Man f. The Rock – The Rock’s Theme: Know Your Role
Method Man & Redman – Cisco Kid
Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder
Mos Def f. Pharoahe Monch, Nate Dogg – Oh No
Mya Why you Gotta Look so Good
Napalm – Crooked Cop
Nas – Life’s a Bitch (Rockwilder Remix)
Nas – Lost tapes
Nicole f. Redman – No Joke
Organized Konfusion – Somehow, Some Way
Outsidaz – Keep On
Pink – You Make Me Sick (Rockwilder Remix)
Prodigy – Do It
Prodigy – Gun Play
Rah Digga – Break Fool
Ras Kass – NBA
Redman – Let’s Get Dirty
Redman – Whut I’ma Do Now
Redman – Case Closed
Redman – What U Lookin’ 4
Redman – I’ll Bee Dat
Sheek Louch f Carl Thomas – One Name
Sticky Fingaz – Girl Cheatin’
Sticky Fingaz f. Raekwon – Money Talks
Tash – Tash Rules
Tash – Fallin’ On
Tha Liks – Run Wild
Tha Liks – Sickness
Xzibit – Front 2 Back