CHRIS STYLES (50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot,Tony Yayo)

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Every time the vessels in and around the human heart pump blood, the organ beats. In turn, each and every being on the earth possesses its own rhythm already embedded within its soul. Building on this natural theory of life, artists, producers, creators and developers alike focus their musical innovations with an emphasis on people’s ability to feel and connect with their ideas. For 27-year old musical mastermind Chris Styles, that connection translates into an emotional attachment every time he steps into the studio.

In just 6 short months, Styles infiltrated the business and has engineered tracks for 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, and Tony Yayo, all the while garnering his own production deal, Dangerous LLC. As one of the only producers to enter Violator Management’s offices and walk away with the owners’ chasing after him, Styles is truly the breath of fresh air the industry has been waiting for.

A native of Brooklyn, Styles first stepped on to the scene in the forefront as a lead member of the rap group, US. After independently selling 30,000 units and receiving accolades of recognition – including press in XXL Magazine and the Source Magazine – the entourage decided to part ways and focus on their individual endeavors. For Styles, that was just the motivation he needed to expand his horizons. “Everything in life has a sound,” he explains. “Hip-hop, for young cats in the hood, that was their sound. They took it and found a way to make money off of it, but basically it’s rhythm on tape.”

Although deeply rooted in hip-hop culture, Styles’ musical talent extends way beyond the genre alone. As validation of his range and creativity, he just completed a pop track for Christina Aguilera on the upcoming film, Shark’s Tail. In addition, the man with a multitude of hats works daily with his own R&B sensation – Deemi – who was recently signed to Atlantic Records after a three-way bidding war between labels. Compared to the likes of Mary J.Blige, this up-and-coming songstress is now ready to showcase her talents– much of which was produced by noneother than Styles himself. “That’s why my team is so crazy right now,” he exclaims. “If you want Polka music, I’ll give you Polka music. If Gospel is your desire, I’ll give you Gospel. There’s no mind, heart or soul unattainable to us right now. My goal is to outwork every single producer out there.” For a self-made businessman, nothing could be truer.

Frustrated with the monotony he heard in the industry, Styles purchased an MPC and other studio equipment two years ago and learned the intricate process of creating music. As founder & CEO of Dangerous LLC, he quickly recruited an engineer and others who shared his vision and were as passionate about the craft as himself. But prior to making and selling hits, the beat master earned a living assisting others via social services. As an HIV counselor in the state of New York, he educated young adults concerning the dangers of HIV and emphasized the dire need for prevention. Throughout his journey, Styles has also worked with disabled adults, and provided assistance in various other human service organizations. And today, along with his plans to build a successful conglomerate, Styles remains committed to giving back. “My long-term goal is to establish and operate a few nonprofit agencies,” explains the visionary. “Especially for young black men between the ages of 19-30. See, the government is sanctioned to take responsibility for those in any social service system until the age of 18, and after that many are basically left on their own without any assistance. I want to create awareness and help develop skill sets needed for these young men to further their education and/or become gainfully employed. Our present social service system doesn’t cultivate independence of the system.”
As this super producer builds towards the future and embarks on several projects, keep an eye and an ear out the next time you find yourself nodding your head or moving your body to that mind-blowing beat. Take notice when you’re amped up and feeling that “new track” in the club, or when you’re on the verge of crying because the rhythm is resonating in your soul; for chances are it’s the work of the man with Style.
“This is my passion,” he says. “Mastering my craft inspires me. I don’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I love the music too much – it’s a part of everything I do. I hate some of the behind-the-scenes politics like waiting two hours to give someone a beat, but I’d wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.”

12” Singles
2004 – Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliot “Car Wash” (Dreamworks)
2005 – 50 Cent “Disco Inferno” (Aftermath)
2005 – Twip “The Joint (Let’s Go)” (Iced)
2005 – 50 Cent “Window Shopper” (Aftermath)

Contributions to full length albums and compilations
2004 – Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott “Car Wash” – A Sharks Tale Soundtrack (Dreamworks)
2005- 50 Cent “Disco Inferno”, “In My Hood”- The Massacre (Aftermath)
2005 – Fabolous “In My Hood” – Real Talk (Atlantic Records)
2005 – Deemi “Hoodz Princess” f/ Styles P – Wendy’s Got the Heat Volume 1 (Virgin)
2005 – 50 Cent “Window Shopper” – Get Rich Or Die Tryin Soundtrack (Aftermath)
2006 – Avant “So Many Ways” – Director (Geffen)
2006 – Avant “So Many Ways”, “Dangerous” Director – European release (Geffen)

Special Projects – Television and Film
2004 – A Shark’s Tale film– Christina Aguilara & Missy Elliott “Car Wash”
2005- Reebok commercial – 50 Cent “In My Hood”
2005 – Get Rich Or Die Tryin film – 50 Cent “Window Shopper”

2006 Unreleased Projects
Lil Mo – “My Baby” on upcoming album (Cash Money)
Deemi – “Little Girl” f/ Remy Ma, “Move” f/ Fabolous – Soundtrack of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic Records)
Freeway – 1 untitled song on upcoming album
Lloyd Banks – “Get the F*** Up Now” on project TBA (G-Unit)
Lloyd Banks – “Put ‘em Up” f/ 50 Cent Rotten Apple (G-Unit)
M.O.P. – “ Guns Go Bang” f/ Young Buck on upcoming album (G-Unit)