This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


R-Tistic’s Style can be described as “Modernized West Coast”….He has strong West Coast influence as far as the vibe of the songs and some elements, but doesn’t sound much like anything from the 90s and has a modern and updated sound to his material. Trying to constantly evolve into a different sound to help re-define and revolutionize the sound of west coast rap, because too many people outside of the west feel the west hasn’t kept up or evolved like the other regions have done in the last ten years.

Born as Ronald Turner II, December 4 1984 in Downtown Los Angeles
Lived in Inglewood for the first three years, and then grew up in Gardena and graduated High school in 2002.
His Father who is a musician and was a drummer for artists such as Ray Charles, among others is the one who inspired R-tistic to pursue music.

R-tistic took piano lessons from age 3-10, and started rapping at age 9.
He started making instrumentals at age 10. “I only made them so I could rap to them and didn’t think I would ever focus on it. I used to always rap at talent shows in middle school. I Stopped rapping and focused on producing in 2000. He currently attends Florida A&M University, started Fall 2002 .

In April 2004, he was introduced to Black Wall Street artist Black Friday by a friend named Nicole who lived in Compton. ” I Came home for break from School in May 2004, and Black Friday, Black Wall Street Exec. Phat Rat, and Billboard R.I.P. came to my studio and heard some of my beats and decided to work with me
I Spent a lot of time at the Black Wall Street headquarters in August 2004 and December 2004 between school breaks. I Met Game for the first time in Sept. 04, and met most of the camp in 2004. I produced some tracks for Black Friday that haven’t been released yet, but the first song that BWS used was “Therapy sessions” for BWS Artist Glasses Malone’s White Lightning mixtape, and the song featured Game, Kam, and Chevy Jones.”

Therapy Sessions coincidentally samples the same Dramatics song that Producer 9th Wonder sampled for Destiny’s Child song called “Girl.” “Even though I did this beat before the Destiny’s Child CD came out, most people always think I sampled the DC song since they heard theirs first.”

He was in talks with Black Wall Street Executives in regards to signing to them as a producer, but this did not happen mainly because he didn’t have much time to spend in Los Angeles. R-Tistic still works with the Black Wall Street artists.

In 2002, R-Tistic produced 15/17 tracks on L.A. group -The Pentagon’s album, and 4 songs on their second album that came in 2003.

” This year, aside from the BWS artists, I’ve produced songs for artist such as Murs (Living Legends) who’s my cousin, Enock a.k.a. Eddie Dontes, O. Beast, Quiz, Jay Capone, and Dino West. In January 2006, I plan to release a compilation album called “R-Ticulation Vol. 1” that will have all of the best songs I’ve produced, including Therapy Sessions.”