By: Pen Slaya

The 26 year old Artist Problem aka Jason Martin is also known for being a writer, producer, engineer, song arranger and father. Problem was born in Germany, raised in Compton. His musical inspirations are Eminem, everything under the NWA tree, Lil Wayne, Isley brothers, Prince, Aaliyah, R.Kelly, The Temptations, Dj Quik, The Jacksons & The group DeBarge.

His entry into the industry was writing a verse for a producer & friend Terrace Martin, for a song called “Be thankful”, featured on Snoop Dogg’s compilation album “The Big Squeeze”. The track garnered praise from notable artist such as Nas & Talib Kweli amongst others. Problem began recording records with recognized artist such as Daz, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, & Dj Quik. Problem’s first big break was when Snoop Dogg heard a record which was also produced by Terrace Martin called “Neva Hafta To Wurry About That”. He went on to write three records on Snoop Dogg’s “Ego Trippen” LP.

Since that time Problem has worked with the likes of Jamie Fox, Soulja Boy, Tha DoggPound, Jim Jones, The Game, E40, Wiz Khalifa, Guru, Bobby Valentino, 9th Wonder, Teddy Riley, Murs, Chris Brown, Polow Da Don, Baron Davis, Nipsey Hussle, Warren G, Y.G., Mann, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Corleone, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, DeeRay, Kenneth Crotch, Marlon Williams, Andrew Gouche, Pharrell Williams, Travis Barker, Dj Drama, Diggy Simmons, Tru Life, James FauntLeroy, 1500orNuthin, Kanye West & John Legend to name a few.

Over his career Problem has dropped seven mixtapes, was signed to Universal & has experienced much success with the release of his party anthem “I’m Toe up”. With the talent and accolades to match, Problem is destined to shine.

When asked Problem what style of music he wants to present to the world his response is “Whatever the (expletive) I feel like doing. I will not be boxed into any style or genre of music. So when you try to classify my style of rapping, don’t. Just let me be an artist.” So with that said expect the unexpected from the Diamond Lane recording artist Problem. caught up with the talented cat they dub “Problem”

So you originally resided in Germany? How did you end up on the west coast?
My Dad was in the service when I was born, but my mom couldn’t take it, so we eventually left him there and came to her hometown, Compton, California.

Any crazy stories that stick in your mind posted in the CPT?
Across the street from my house, we discovered they were running a border smuggling type house. My older neighbor called the police and when they batter rammed the door, like 25 el savadorians ran out!! They just start breakin!! it was like scene in a movie..police everywhere, was crazy!!

How long did you live in Germany for? Was there a hip hop influence for you there?
Only for the first 8 months of my life, but I plan on going back in the near future.

How did you get your name “Problem”?
From Basketball. My long time friend use to say, “You givin’ em problems on the court lil’ man..i’mma start callin u PROBLEM everytime I see u”. It just stuck.

Rapping or producing, Do you prefer one over the other?
I’d say rapping only because I feel like I’m better at it than the other. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making beats.

You have a nice roster of talent that you’ve worked with. Who has been your most memorable artist(s) to work with so far?
Uhhhh! That’s tough, but if I had to choose, I would say Kurupt. He don’t give a f#* so free when he’s doing music.

Who’s has the craziest work ethic?
Snoop Dogg hands down.

What artist(s) would like to colab with that you’ve yet to work with?
Really just any artist that loves to create, and is as passionate about music as I am.

How did your relationship with Diamond Lane Music Group evolve?
We are long time friends. We just decided to tackle this venture as one. Diamond Lane is my crew 1st, and my label 2nd. We are family.

You got this new project Plan B , who’s all involved on that? tell us a little bit about this project.. Any favorite joints on this?
I’m not gonna give any hints on the project and its direction….just expect to hear me like I’ve never been heard before!!

Do you like where hip hop is right now? Where would you like to see the genre go?
 love where “life” is going right now. I really don’t get into all that..Diamond Lane Music Group is my only “hip hop” concern.

What’s next for you?
Success! Looking forward to sharing Plan B with everyone, and showing myself off as an artist.

Any aspirations outside of hip hop?
My kids! Striving to be the best father I can be daily, and give them a role model they can really look up to.

What advice do you have for upcoming hip hop artists that are trying to make it in this cut throat game?
Just keeping going. If you love it, keep working hard. Nothing in life comes easy, so if music and hip hop is your passion, everything will fall into place.

Any last words?
Get ready for Plan B dropping March 6th, and look out for Bad Lucc also signed to Diamond Lane Music Group. Diamond Lane Music Group…”its WE over ME” ALL DAY!