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Nu Jerzey Devil was born Anthony Torres in the South Bronx borough of New York City on January 10th. The Black Wall Street head producer and his family lived on a street called Cedar Avenue, later in his life he would move to Compton, California on Cedar Block where his arrangement with Black Wall Street began.

At the early age of four his mother and six siblings moved to their new hometown of New Jersey. The youngest of the children, Torres emulated his older brothers every move and soon caught on to their influences in hip hop.

At the age of seven Nu Jerzey Devil began rapping and by 18 he traded a friend a .45 caliber gun for DJ equipment. Jerzey soon bought himself a Dr. Rhythum beat machine and a Yamaha DJX keyboard and started his own production.

Within two years Jerzey was contacted by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins of Darkchild Productions. Rodney was quickly impressed and took Jerzey with him to Miami for a few meetings. Upon arriving back he immediately joined the Darkchild team and scored and laced the soundtrack for the 2003 Jessica Alba film Honey (Universal Pictures). From there the pair moved to Los Angeles and worked on My Baby’s Daddy (Miramax Films) starring Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffith and Method Man.

After linking up with Phat Rat, another member of the Darkchild team, Nu Jerzey Devil was introduced to the Dr. Dre protégé, The Game. After hitting the studio they recorded “The Black Wall Street Anthem” – most notable on The Black Wall Street’s intro on their official webpage. The chemistry bubbled as the two continued recording – while in the meantime The Game was in the works with creating The Black Wall Street label. With no hesitation, Nu Jerzey Devil was the first to sign to the newly founded label.

Nu Jerzey Devil continues to produce and record with The Game along with the rest of Black Wall Street. In the meantime he continues to hit the mixtape circuit and plans to drop a solo album summer of 2008.

Early 2008 will feature The Black Wall Street Compilation album that is sure to bring west coast hip hop back to the forefront of rap. With production for the heavily anticipated album from The Game and an eager freshman release from the prince of the west coast, Juice, Nu Jerzey Devil seems to have his hands full.


What are you currently working on?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Right now, aside from my own project, I’m currently working on Rick Ross’ and Lil Wayne & The Game’s albums.

You are heavily involved with The Game and Black Wall Street. What can you say about his new album coming out and west coast hip-hop?

Nu Jerzey Devil: I think on this album it will show how much Game has come along since his last two albums. He’s very choosy with the beats and is really taking his time on this one. It’s amazing to me because every song he does can be on the album, that’s how hard he goes at it in the booth! As far as west coast hip hop I think its definitely rising. With artists’ like G Malone, Jay Rock, Juice, Omar Cruz -just to name a few- the west will definitely rise & hopefully remain a factor in hip hops top music. Not to mention the whole BWS movement! We are forming a very big buzz and will show and prove how BWS gets down!

How did you get involved with BWS, and are you signed to the label?

Nu Jerzey Devil: I started fuckin’ with BWS when it was just a bunch of niggas gang bangin’ in Compton with BWS tees and a dream. Everyone was broke and Game was just recently signed to AfterMath and was pretty much just another emcee with dope skills. It was more of just a family thing. Then Game did his numbers & the business had to take place and I became the first person ever to sign to BWS. I’ve been bangin’ Black Wall since day one!

What does BWS have for 2008 and what is coming out in the near future?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Well we got the Black Wall Street Compilation album coming out early 2008 and The Game’s album will be dropping sometime around March, then me & Juice after that. Hopefully I will be dropping in the summer. So that’s why I’m going so hard… in the studio and trying to make my mark as an emcee.

Ok, So you’ve been able to stretch across the board and work with artists from all regions and coasts. What makes you so versatile?

Nu Jerzey Devil: What makes me so versatile is that I’ve lived all over the states. I lived in Vegas, California, New York, New Jersey & Miami. So from living in all those places I hear all different types of music. So when I go into NJD Mode its kind of easy cause I’m already familiar with all those sounds & styles.

You are currently working on Lil Wayne’s album. What can you say about it so far and what’s the concept of the song you did with Weezy called “Bandana on the Right Side?”

Nu Jerzey Devil: Weezy’s another animal. He just goes in the booth & starts spittin’. He’s a very talented artist and deserves everything he’s getting right now. He’s been in the game for a minute now and it’s finally paying off. Since his stack of songs got leaked he’s been non stop. He must do like 5 songs a day and I don’t mean bullshit songs I mean real album material! This album is going to be well worth the wait. “Bandana On The Right Side” was just letting everyone know what we rep & what we about. Snoop & Dogg Pound do it all day so why can’t we? I can’t get to detailed but let’s just say we had to make a statement.

Would you consider yourself more of a producer or DJ?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Definitely a producer. I just so happen to know how to DJ. That’s just how I am, whatever I’m involved in I want to know how to do everything. That’s why I started rappin’. I want to be hands on with everything.

Speaking about rapping, you’re working on your album and did a mixtape called, “Soundz From Tha Devil Pt. 3.” What’s the concept of that and when did you start rapping?

Nu Jerzey Devil: That’s a mixtape where I produce mostly all the songs & I also provide the instrumental for other emcee’s to spit on. I’m going to just keep making songs for it until I feel its 200% right. It was something I always wanted to do so I feel now is my chance so I’m just going to go for it & be on my P. Diddy shit.

When do you plan to drop your album, and what will be the first single?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Summer of 2008 and I’m not sure but most likely it’ll feature Game and be produced by Scott Storch and myself.

Who can you compare your MC style to and who are your influences?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Honesty I don’t compare myself to anyone, but of course being around Game something is going to rub off. But I’m more spittin’ females & money. Not on any bubble gum shit but like how Fab is doing it. My look is more for the ladies so I got to go that route. No matter how hard I spit at the end of day the ladies are the one’s who buy records and this is a business so I would be dumb trying to go a route which will be much harder and less profitable.

So what is the deal with Heaven or Hell Clothing? How’d that get started and what is it all about?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Heaven or Hell is a clothing line that I started after dealing with the BWS tees. I saw how profitable it was and decided to do my own line. I have “Heaven or Hell” tatted on my chest & my name being “Nu Jerzey Devil” it all made since to name it “Heaven or Hell.” We started out on Myspace ( and it just boomed from there. Now we’ve launched the official website and are in process of getting it in stores now. I always customized my sneakers and shirts anyway, so I thought why not make money off of it and get free clothes [laughs].

So what kinds of clothing are in the line and what is it comparable to?

Nu Jerzey Devil: If I had to compare it to any line it would have to be Ed hardy, but unlike them we have bigger sizes as well. I know a lot people from the hood that like there clothes but won’t wear tight fitting clothing. So that cuts out a lot of hood dudes & that’s where we come in. But my line is more about statements & meanings like one of our shirts is called “Loyalty” another one is called “Courage.” These are words that have meaning behind them and you might want to let people know what you are about without saying anything.

From clothing, to producing, and to now even making your own album, how do you find the time to manage all of this?

Nu Jerzey Devil: I just stay on the grind homie. I live, breathe, eat, sleep and shit this. Cause if you don’t grind you don’t shine ya dig? Plus I got a daughter so I have to make sure she doesn’t have to go through anything that I did. Plus you only have that spotlight on you for so long so u gotta get it while it’s hot!

So where do you see yourself in the future?

Nu Jerzey Devil: Very successful and on the same plateau as Diddy & Jay-Z! I’m way too ambitious to be anything else. I have high hopes and goals and won’t stop until I feel I have reached them.