Mutant Academy – Soda

Today, the ever-present Richmond, VA collective Mutant Academy comes together to announce their new collaborative EP TALK SOON. Set for release May 17th via Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution, the four-song project introduces the uninitiated to the collective’s distinctive underground rap style that they’ve honed through a consistent slate of solo and group releases since they first emerged in 2014. The EP’s title hints at Mutant Academy’s prolific run of projects and serves as a warning shot for a forthcoming group full-length coming later this year.

Along with the EP’s announcement, the collective are sharing the new single “SODA.” Opening with a smooth hook from Big Kahuna OG, the single puts all of the Richmond natives’ strengths on full display from the chemistry between emcees, to the subtlety of the production from ewonee that makes Fly Anakin, Big Kahuna OG and Henny L.O. feel right at home.



What began more than a decade ago between two friends (Fly Anakin and Henny L.O.) in Richmond, Virginia, has now blossomed into a self-sufficient and multi-disciplinary collective that also includes Big Kahuna OG, Ohbliv, Graymatter, Foisey, ewonee, Sycho Sid and Unlucky Bastards. Each Mutant Academy project is rife with a chemistry that can only be found amongst longtime friends, but also a friendly competition, with each Mutant Academy song serving as a chance for each member to spar and hone their skill set as an emcee or producer.

As members of the collective grow in stature as solo artists, each project, mention and credit illuminates the Mutant Academy name and draws eyes back to the group to continue to expand their audience. Notably, Fly Anakin has received notable recognition for his solo work of the years, including praise from the Alchemist, and collaborations with Madlib and Pink Siifu, but the rest of Mutant Academy has never been far behind. Conway The Machine has ensured steady production placements from Graymatter sprinkled throughout a large swath of his discography, and the MA producer also collaborated with Domo Genesis on “What You Don’t Get?” Now, the collective is ready to come back together to exert their musical identity as a group, cementing themselves among the storied groups in hip-hop’s history.