MIKE JONES – Gettin it

by: FLEX

What have you learned just in the last 2 years of the rap business?

It’s very politcal. In the underground we don’t have all that.
So you got the big house, the cars, the clothes, the money and the jewels. In “your eyes” have you Officially made it? or is there something missing to make it “Official”?

I gotta be, (pauses) it’s more to life than this, naw what I’m sayin? Somebody can go from zero to 200 million. I wanna see what that’s about…feel me?

Explain the Whole Ice age thing? Is it an Entertainment company, a label? Define it.

It’s everything. It’s entertainment. I say that because we can do rap and turn around and sign comics, or whatever. Is not just Ice Age records, cause we do more than that.

So you got this new project coming “American Dream”, Tell us about it.. Who all gettin down on it? artists. Who’s producing?

The album is dropping July 10th along with the film. We got Mannie Fresh on the tracks, Snoop Dog on the album, Bun B, T-pain….I got Lil Flip, Trey Songs, ya know, it’s crazy Lil Mo’ on a record. We in talks with signing her too. The album is hot!

Damn it sounds retarded! What’s the difference between this new project and your debut album, content-wise? What’s the message your tryin to get across with the new album?

I wanted the American Dream to be my first album, but when you come out as a new artist, a lot people don’t respect ya vision. So I did “Who is Mike Jones”, and it sold 2 million. Now I can make the songs I wanted to really make.

You got beef with anyone?

People know I’m on my hustle. I don’t involve myself with beef. I’m the coolest person you know. I see fans, I take pictures….ima human being, ima regular dude.

So What’s up with the movie thing? You tryin to go full-fledge with it?

Definitely. I just want people to know you can do whatetver you put ya mind to. 2 years ago, I was just some guy sleeping in my car. And now I’m doin all this, naw mean? That’s why I call this project the American Dream cause now I’m using my dreams to help other people get motived about their own dreams.

What’s the whole relationship with Swisha House? Are you cool? Are you still bound to them by contract?

I mean it is what is. They doing them and I’m doing me, I got ma own label now. Aint no beef or love lost, I mean they doin them and I’m doin me….we got just two different business views. But, much success to Paul Wall, and all them. But it’s Mike Jones and Ice Age over here, ya know?

There has been a lack of album sales in general over the last year.
It’s been 2 years since your Platinum debut. Do you feel any pressure?

Not at all, I mean I know people talk about the industry is down and all that, but once an album comes out and people see that its good music, fans recognize what’s real and buy it. It’s people selling good numbers Like Akon. He’s double platinum moving 60k a week, so… can be done.

So What’s crackin in Houston right now beside you, Lil Flip, Slim Thug and Chamillionaire? Who else should we be watching out for?

King Mellow, he down with us. It’s a lot of people. Lil soldier, I know Slim Thug got people coming. So, we just want people to know we got talent here, like, quit looking at people from the outside, like they aint got no skills, then they blow up bigger than you, and you’re sitting there with the dumb look.

Is it striclty rap for you… or do you listen to other types of music?

I listen to everything, rap, hip-hop, pop, ya know? I’ll pop in a Justin Timberlake cd (Flex laughs) Akon, Lil Wayne…I listen to everybody.

If you could hop into someone’s life to be them for just one day. Who would it be? ( any-time era)

My grandmother. I’m cool and humble, but she was REALLY humble. Ya know like how you’re stuck in traffic all day and everybody angry and blowing the horn…she don’t be trippin’ just be cool, and I’m like wow, how can u just be THAT humble and cool ya know? like I wish she was in the physical form to see me now. I wish I could be like she was all the way to the through. She never showed the negative.

Thanks for the interview doggi…..ima holla