MC REN – Return Of The Villian In Black

By: Todd Davis

What’s up, Ren? Renincarnated, your brand new fifth solo effort, signifies your “official” comeback after a more than eleven year absence — Why did you decide to take so much time off? 

Just wasn’t really into doing music much anymore. It really wasn’t till my homie, Paulie Classic, said that my fans wanna see me back, and would love to hear me again. 

Well, welcome back, you were definitely missed! So, what all have you been doing during this lengthy hiatus? 

Just taking care of family, you know, being a father and a husband.

When it comes to the actual album title, Renincarnated, although pretty self-explanatory, still why did you settle on naming it this?

Like you said, self-explanatory.

Yeah, you’re right! Well, who all did you enlist in regards to the record’s production? 

The homie, Chill from C.M.W., myself, the homie, APOCALYPSE, and E-A-Ski.

When you are working with someone such as a Chill or E-A-Ski, how much input do you usually have when it comes to an MC Ren track? 

Depends on the feel I’m looking for.

Are there any special cameo appearances to look out for? 

Naw, it’s all me. (That’s) just for my fans since I been away so long.

What’s your particular personal favorite song(s) on the LP?

They all bangin’!

Take me all the way back, how did it first begin for Lorenzo Jerald Patterson?

When (I first saw) Run-DMC (back) in ’82. 

Besides Run & D, who else influenced your sound and style? 

(Like I said,) Run-DMC , Grandmaster Flash, Whodini, Kurtis Blow, (and) Ice-T.

With that being said, describe for me your overall musical vibe? 

It’s just me.

So, did you know from early on in life that music was your actual calling? 

Naw, I don’t think music is my actual callin’. My callin’ is (much) bigger than music.

How did you even wind up connecting with the late, great Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright, Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Young, O’Shea ‘Ice Cube’ Jackson, Antoine ‘DJ Yella’ Carraby & Mik ‘Arabian Prince’ Lezan, and ultimately forming “The World’s Most Dangerous Group,” Niggaz Wit Attitudes? 

It kinda just happened. I was supposed to be a solo artist with Ruthless (Records), but they just put me on ’cause they knew I was tight. 

Reflecting back to those early days, did you ever think that you all [N.W.A.] would have the immense impact that you’ve had on Hip-Hop music, particulary West Coast rap? 

Naw, we was just doing our music at the time. We didn’t think it would do what it did.

Through many different accounts everyone seems to know the stories pertaining to the eventual demise of the group, but have those been completely accurate? 

For the most part, I will say yeah, but there was things that on a personal level could only be told by that one person that it happened to.

You released Renincarnated on your very own imprint Villian Entertainment — What are your future goals & plans for this venture? 

More of Ren. Film, music, TV. Anything I put my mind to do. 

Who all makes up the company roster? 

You will have to wait and see.

Aside from music related stuff, is there anything else that you’d like to get involved in or with? 

I’m going to get into more film, maybe even some TV.

I understand that currently there is a N.W.A. biopic in the works, and all, former, living members are involved — Is that true?


What all can you divulge or reveal about this upcoming film? 

Nothing at this time, but it will happen so be on the look out.

How do you view the current climate of today’s Hip-Hop artists — Are you content with it? 

It’s wack! Most of these artist are just lame. 

Your long overdue fifth solo collection, Renincarnated, is available now! Is their a single and/or video in the works? And, are there any current plans to tour behind it? 

There is ideas for a video, and we have been working on a tour. Just waiting for the right time.

Are there any upcoming mix-tape(s) and/or cameos on others works to look out for from you in the coming days/weeks/months? 

I’m gonna be doing an EP soon, and some MC Ren Presents… albums with my boy, Paulie, and Twilite Entertainment Group, featuring new and old artists. It will be a joint venture with Villain Entertainment.

Do you remain in touch with any of your friends and, former, group-mates; Dre, Cube, Yella, and/or Arabian Prince? If so, when was the last time any of you all spoke? And, more importantly, is there any chance of a reunion either on stage and/or on wax? 

Theres always a chance! And, yes, I speak to them on and off, here and there.

Speaking of reunions, how come you all never followed through with cutting another N.W.A. album, with Snoop, even after releasing two bangin’ singles; “Chin Check” and “Hello”? 

Everyone just was doing their own thing, and it didn’t happened.

Is there anything else that I may have left out or forgot to ask about? 

Naw, just wanna thank you, and to my fans for keeping the Vill on top his game. Be on the look out for more to come, and go cop the Renincarnated on iTunes or Amazon! 

Thanks for taking your time out with me today, good luck with everything, and continued success to you!