Luda Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Ludacris (Christopher Bridges) was all smiles receiving his Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame. His four daughters – Chance, Cadence, Cai, Karma, and wife, Eudoxie Bridges attended the ceremony on Thursday (May 18) in Los Angeles, California.

The “Fast and Furious” actor admitted that he was blown away after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The rapper was also joined by LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson. What made the moment even more special and emotional was when his eldest daughter, Karma gave her speech.

“I was fighting tears. Seriously, I was glad that I had my sunglasses on today,” Ludacris said. “That blew me away. Usually, it’s not easy for people to keep certain things from me, but that was 100 percent a surprise. Seems like everybody knew but me! I’m a little pissed off right now. I’m a little mad.”


“No matter what people say I can’t do, I will continue to shatter those stereotypes and show people it’s possible in order to make everyone who got me here proud.” He then noted, “Because you all inspire my hard work and dedication to receive this star today. I’m motivated by legacy and history.”

“This means that I’ve made my mark, my own personal history being documented. To be amongst these names is just amazing to me. I’m just so thankful,” the 45-year-old further elaborated. “So, getting a star is a statement, but be clear about this statement, the even bigger statement to me is that we are all interconnected.”

Ludacris paid respect to those who have been supporting. “And I am a culmination of the people who showed up for me today believing in me and pushing me to inspire me. So y’all be clapping for me all day I’m gonna need y’all to give yourselves a round of applause. Because I’m nothing without you,” he said.