JUDAH – Music Producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.

At the height of a movement, Judah’s role in pushing DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music is capitol. Entering the world as Timothy J. Matthews on October 12, 1978, the Washington, DC born and raised musician has built his stage and is constantly putting on a show. Developing as a football player in his adolescence, it was by happenstance that he realized he could make music. From the influence of a friend who produced music, the touch of the drum machine made magic for who is now making heads lean with an ear wanting to know “Who is Judah on the beat”…”and why does it sounds so…?”

Coming up in the “Shrimpboat” sector of Northeast DC was perfect timing for Judah as he was able to experience the music of go-go artists like the Northeast Groovers and Chuck Brown along with classic hip-hop emcees like Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest. With his roots aligned with this hip-hop lineage, the self-mentored, self-branded producer has positioned himself to basically be one in high-demand—even without a deal. Judah has embraced the DMV to a point where he has humbly mentored numerous rising artists and producers, teaching them the ropes of the business and showing them how to make a stamp without a huge label push. Still, the producer makes a grand impression in the industry with production for national artists such as Wale, Tabi Bonney, Stat Quo and Raheem Devaughn along with music collaborated with artist on Bad Boy and Koch Records. Judah lives and breathes a multi-faceted lifestyle as he not only produces, but his establishment Strange Music houses one of the area’s most talented female emcees while propelling ingenious visuals and ultimate artist/venue collaborations. A leader not only by name, Judah is looking over territory that is proving to be very promising.


When did you realize you wanted to choose music as your livelihood?
When I got cut from this pro football team and sold my first beat for $75 bucks

Tell us about the football thing in your early years..
Football was a way for me to go to college and and i left DC and went to a predominately white school in pittsburgh and it was horrible i stayed there for 3 years then bounced on their ass for a HBCU. lol but Football taught me discipline and its the same as music. you practice at football and you practice at the beats ya know.

Define the style of your music ..
My style is just me all over the place. depends on how i feel that day on what i make. Im a OG in the production so i still use MPC’s and sound modules etc….. By my city DC, MD and VA are definitely merged in my sound. Go Go swing is in there a little too.

In terms of production, what is your process..? do you use live instruments, etc..?
Lately i been in music Theory class so im learning piano and progressions etc…. I have made a living for almost 10 years just off what i been doing so i felt like it was time to show a little more appreciation for the music and actually get in there and learn some theory. I use live drums and keys merged with samples and whatever.. but like i say its really just based on how im feeling that day.

Take us through a typical studio session with you..
protools, mpc, naked juice, hookah, shirt off, some cute women and some vinyl and thats about it really. lol sike nah but really im a real spontaneous and creative person so i do what i feel at that point in time and make it work. laying vocals, drummer coming in etc….

Who are your Inspirations?
Chuck Brown, Dre, Rza, Altchemist, Kanye, Issac Hayes, man too many to name

Who’s the most memorable you’ve worked with thus far?
C Rayz Walz and Wale

Which artist would you say has been the easiest to work with.. where you guys just mesh.
Tabi Boney and Stat Quo

Any funny stories in the studio you can let the fans know about?
Yeah, these artist came in to record and I offered them some hookah and they go so lightheaded they almost burned down my studio dropping coals everywhere etc… Another story is I recorded a midget too and that was pretty entertaining, oh and C Rayz Walz was trying to impregnate every women that came in the studio.

What artists would you like to work with that you havent yet?
Kanye is who I want to work with.

What’s your take on the current state of Hip-Hop?
Trash……….But the ones still making ALITTLE money wont tell you that but its trash. And now these internet n***** think they the stars but they selling 4 thousand copies so they need humbling fast. The game is trash.

Biggest career moment so far has been ____________________ ?
Grey Goose x Complex Mag Rising Icon Award They recognized me off my contribution to music and that was huge oh and i was on billboard charts with a indie record. Cats cant even do that these days and I did that. Blessed

Looking ahead.. say, 5, or even 10 years down the road, where do you see yourself?
I see myself chilling with fam owning a studio for the youngins but i probably wont be producing 10 years from now. Im a business man with a business degree so im gonna move to my second phase in life etc….

Any last words?
Thank you for your time and interview, Thanks to all those i touch with my music and follow me on twitter at

Mick Boogie x Terry Urban – *De La Soul Tribute Album, Le Da Soul*—“Plug
Tunin”- Tabi Bonney (produced by Judah)
C Rayz Walz – *Who the F— Are You Album* — “The Infected”
Stat Quo- Checks and Balances Mixtape- “For the Taking”
Mick Boogie x Terry Urban – *Grammy Remix Album*- “Say” John Mayer x Jay- Z
Tabi Bonney – *DOPE* – “Kick Rocks”
Hypebeast x Judah x Hypetrack x Mick Boogie – *The Hype Club* Judah x DJ MAF
– *501’s and Drumbeats* Mick Boogie x Terry Urban – *Viva La Hov- “*Miss Trouble”

Wale – *Saint’s Row 2 (Video Game) *- “Riding in the Black Joint”- (Channel:
Kryme 94.5)
RatheMC – *Nahright x LRG -The Honor Roll mixtape- *”Freaky Tales”

*The Awakening*
RAtheMC (2008)
*A Mixtape about Something…I think!*
THEO (2008) *The Birth* (OKAYPLAYER EXCLUSIVE) – “Hi”
Marky (2008)
-*Mick Boogie Presents The Drive Thru
*Studio 43/SRC Universal
UCB (2006 & 2007) *4 Play* E.P.
-“Her Love”
-“Young Girl”
Cormega & Lake- (2006) Koch Records
-“I’ve been blessed”
Pastor Troy- *By Any Means Necessary* (2005) Universal -“Bitches Love the
Bad Guy”
-2 untitled records
E.Ness-*The Infection* (2005)
-“Lord Give Me Another Day”
Rell- (2005) Rocafella Records
-Shameka Jones (unreleased)
Ruin-(2005) Blaq Psyrcle Records
-Heat In Da Club featuring Sean Paul (The Youngbloodz) (Single) -“Be Me”
(Single) * On the Billboard Charts for 19 weeks -“We Want That” (Single)
-“Get Buck” (Single)
The Heaterz-(2005) Milk Entertainment
-“Monster Behavior” (Single)
* Appeared on Music Choice, Conerstone Mixtape
Turk (2004) Koch Records
*Penitentiary Chances* Album
Dutchess-(Def Jam) (2004)
-“Tonight” Featuring Mike Shorey