G.R.I.T. Boys: When the Smoke Clears

by: Todd Davis

Houston, Texas, home of Rap-A-Lot Records, and the original birthplace of the legendary Geto Boys, is introducing its latest discovery in the form of four very different, and distinct, personalities, emcees, Poppy, Scooby, Unique, and their music producer, Pretty Todd, or as they are collectively known, G.R.I.T. Boys. As a unit, they have managed to build a huge fan base primarily off the strength of their hugely successful underground releases, but have now risen above ground for their highly anticipated Mobetta Musik/TVT Records’ debut, G.hetto R.eality I.n T.exas.

How did you all first come together to form the group?

G.B.: The G.R.I.T. Boys started in 2001. I was a senior in high school when I met Pretty Todd. I was the lunchroom ‘Superstar,’ as they would call it, and word got to P.T. that I was the man. And, (then) word got to me, he produced on (Lil’) Flip album, and people knew I went to Worthing (High School) so they assumed I knew P.T. I knew Flip though, but we wasn’t musically connected. Anyway, Todd took me to the studio, (and) we laid a track down called ‘Priceless.’ The label he did work for was called Gameface (Records), he let them hear it, and they signed me in 2002. Unique was my rhyming potna since we were teens. And, we been tight ever since!! Poppy was signed to the label as well. He also attended Worthing High, and so did ‘Niq. Todd meshed us together and called us G.R.I.T.…and the late Big Hawk, added boys…So, we G.R.I.T. Boys!!

You all later hooked up with Paul Wall and eventually signed a recording contract with TVT Records…

G.B.: Just being on several mix-tapes, and getting guidance by Big Hawk, led to us being on Paul Wall’s CD’s. The G-Boy Fresh DVD was also a big help, and Stacy P, our publicist, and a very hard work mode, man, the grind, got us to where we are now!!

What are you all bringing to the music game?

G.B.: Ghetto reality — The unadulterated truth!! We just being real, and doing what we do. It’s life. It’s serious. It’s gutta. It’s fun. And, it’s the ghetto reality life, baby!!

Well, that explains the album title, G.hetto R.eality I.n T.exas…

G.B.: Man, we just giving you the ‘Ghetto Reality’ — No fiction, all truth!!

On G.hetto R.eality I.n T.exas you all assembled a nice roster of producers and guest emcees…

G.B.: Yeah, we worked with Mr. Lee, Tha Specialist, DJ Cosmos, and Tha Grid Iron. We got features from Paul Wall, Travis Barker, B.G., Trey Songz, Hawk, Trae, Lil’ Keke, Ma$e, Bun B, and Mac Boney. We handle most of our creativity, but Pretty Todd gives us direction and he creates the beats!! 

Is there anything else professionally that you all would like to branch out and do following the release of this project?

G.B.: We want to get into a little of everything — Acting, writing movies, and wherever else it takes us. So, we’re open on that topic. 

Is Hip-Hop really dead?

G.B.: We happy with the music we’re making. I think that’s all that really matters. You can’t worry about others, or you will never get nowhere. I think the media, and certain people from the East Coast, are the only ones complaining about Hip-Hop is dead. ‘Cause Devin the Dude is still making albums, UGK’z still making albums, G.R.I.T. Boys’ here, T.I. ain’t dead, Young Jeezy ain’t dead, Lil’ Wayne ain’t dead — So, how is Hip-Hop dead? And, that’s not no dis at nobody from the East Coast, that’s the truth. I mean, if it feels good, niggaz should do what they do — We not making no dance songs and snaps and sh*t, but to each its own.

What do you all enjoy doing for fun?

G.B.: Probably some controlled substance <they all laugh in unison> Naw, for real though, we do music all day. We’re always in the studio.

To date what has been your biggest career highlight(s)?

G.B.: Getting a deal wit TVT Records. Being in the XXL and Source Magazines in the same month. And, having a classic album!!

What’s next for Grit Boys?

G.B.: Millions of records sold, Grammy’s, Bet Awards, MTV Awards, acting, soundtracks; Sh*t very rich!!

Any message for our readers?

G.B.: Thank you for your time and support, very much appreciated. And, look out for us, we coming atcha with that real ‘Ghetto Reality’ music.