Isaia Huron – Circle

Isaia Huron shares his first single in over a year with “CIRCLE” via SLANG Music. Blending elements of R&B and hip-hop, Isaia’s voice hovers above the intensity of his production that alternates between melancholic keys and a pounding swell of bass and drums. The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Caleb Ward. Somewhat unfitting given its title, “CIRCLE” ends abruptly by design, introducing fans to a sonic experiment he’ll explore over the course of a forthcoming project out this Summer.



Growing up, Isaia would spend everyday in church in Greenville, SC, where his father served as a pastor and his mother was the head of choir. This not only influenced him sonically, but also acted as a compass which he relied on during his transformative journey into being an artist. Once the pandemic hit it left him no choice but to dive head first into his musical instincts, Isaia naturally fell into the currents of experimentation and creation that has since blossomed. Following his 2023 release LIBBIE 02, a reworking of his first EP Libbie from 2020, which saw him re-imagine his earlier work in an entirely new fashion with stripped-down beats and a real focus on lush, layered vocals. Isaia continues that experimentation with “CIRCLE,” evolving his sound further, while staying true to the theme of making music for the intersection of lovers, heartbreakers, and the heartbroken.