Fat Joe Collaborates With Hpnotiq

Hpnotiq – the liqueur that combines a premium blend of exotic fruit juices, French Cognac & a touch of vodka – announces the new “OG” Campaign and limited-edition bottle release in collaboration with cultural icon and hip-hop artist Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena. The collaboration pays homage to the brand’s roots and taps into consumers’ love for the nostalgic era of the early 2000s when Hpnotiq first stepped onto the scene and solidified itself as a pop culture, hip-hop and nightlife icon.

To commemorate the partnership, Hpnotiq will release a limited-edition Bottle featuring the original Hpnotiq logo and signature eye-catching blue hue that made famous when Hpnotiq burst onto the scene in early 2000s hip-hop videos and prominent nightlife venues.

“With a shared history and authentic connection to hip-hop culture, Fat Joe is the perfect partner to launch the Hpnotiq OG Campaign having been one of the original artist to have featured Hpnotiq in the early 2000s,” said MaryCrae Guild, Hpnotiq Brand Manager.

In addition to the limited-edition bottle release, Hpnotiq will release a comedic “OG” video series campaign imagining Fat Joe as the brand’s “Creative Director”. In the hilarious video series, the NYC rapper shows us how he’d run Hpnotiq’s headquarters including everything from experimenting with Hpnotiq Summer cocktails in the R&D lab–to helping record the company voicemail. Fat Joe will also be taking over the brand’s social handles to let Hpnotiq fans and other rappers know what it takes to be Hpnotiq’s “Creative Director”.

Some of the Limited-Edition “OG” Cocktails curated by Fat Joe will include:

“The Don Cartagena” – A refreshing mix of Hpnotiq, coconut rum and pineapple juice garnished with a pineapple slice and berries
“The Incredible @#$*&^” – A blend of Hpnotiq and Cognac that transforms the brand’s signature blue hue into the fan-favorite green cocktail
“If you knew Hip-hop in the early 2000’s, back when ‘Lean Back’ was dominating the radio stations, you know that Hpnotiq was the dopest brand in clubs across the country,” said Fat Joe. “What better way to pay homage to our shared roots than to have me, a real OG, on board as creative director of the ‘OG’ Campaign. This summer, we’re doing it big with the limited-edition bottle launch as we raise a glass to the nostalgic era of the 2000’s and toast to the future of the brand that started it all.”

While Fat Joe’s role as Creative Director is entirely fictitious, the release of the limited-edition “OG” Bottle is not. The “OG” Bottle will be available beginning in June at select stores nationwide to consumers 21 and older.