Destiny Rogers – Save My Love

Ahead of the release of her eagerly-awaited debut album, Los Angeles-based pop artist Destiny Rogers follows up her exciting lead single, “Save My Love”, with an intimate Mikey Robbins-directed visual accompanying the track. The video made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live and MTVU and is out now via Human ReSources/The Orchard.

“Save My Love is about me exploring these really intense feelings that I had for someone,” shares Destiny Rogers on her latest song. “They were so intense that I knew it wasn’t like any other crush or just someone I was interested in – it was love. And so this song is about allowing myself to feel this and explore these feelings with this person. And then realizing that this whole time, I was saving my love for her. This moment is special to me because it’s about the first time I really opened up my heart to a girl and let myself feel everything that came with it.”