People may not realize what all goes on behind the scenes to make music reach the masses. This is the spot where you’ll see who’s who in the Industry. The people behind the scenes who makes things happen. This will be the section where we feature professionals whom we think deserve the credit and recognition for their hard work that they contribute to this business we call the RAP INDUSTRY..

Each month we’ll bring to you a new professional along with their background.

Yonkers, NY based Hip Hop label Ruff Ryders has become a fixture in not only Hip Hop history, but spawned a new lifestyle and urban culture. With more than 20 million records sold, a well documented bike club, a variety of straight to video DVD’s and a clothing line to its credit, Ruff Ryders is set to reclaim its position within the music industry by storm after taking a hiatus from the spotlight. Ruff Ryders CEO’s and brothers Dee and Waah Dean have already begin shaking things up with the announcement of super producer Swizz Beatz as the new President of Ruff Ryders.

The formula for staying relevant and selling records in an ipod friendly, downloading driven music market is not an easy task. With more than 20 million records sold to their credit, Ruff Ryders CEOs, Darrin “Dee” & Joaquin “Waah” Dean have managed to stand the test of time by expanding their brand to more than music and creating a lifestyle. With upcoming projects from DMX, The Lox and Swizz Beatz presence as President of Ruff Ryders, 2006 is poised for an industry take over – circa 1998. The Ruff Ryders entertainment family background is well documented.

Founding members Darrin “Dee” Dean, Joaquin “Waah” Dean, and Chivon Dean were raised in a family where the music business was a priority from day one. The siblings became artist managers, following the path of their father, who promoted R&B and soul artists such as Jody Watley; Ray, Goodman and Brown; and Blue Magic. With five platinum DMX albums, two platinum albums from Eve and a series of Ruff Ryders compilations and gold albums from the Lox and Drag-On, Ruff Ryders begin a movement which is still relevant today.

“Fans are very fickle people,” says Waah Dean. “It’s important to not over-saturate the market to the point where fans are sick of hearing your music. We felt it was important to take a step back and expand the brand through our bike culture to maintain relevancy.”

Ruff Ryders success in the music industry brought their bike and four wheelers culture to the masses. The Ruff Ryders bike club is dominant at any spring or summer event where bike riders go to congregate. The lifestyle has branded motorcycle and car club chapters in most major US cities. The chapters serve as satellite street teams that cross-market Ruff Ryders artists, and provide an arena for the streets to express themselves in the extreme-sports genre commonly associated with white, suburban youth.


Boasting a family-first mentality, Ruff Ryders is poised to take on the opportunities and challenges hip-hop faces in the new millennium as they continue to maintain an edge even as rap music has become synonymous with the popular mainstream.

2006 figures to be the second coming of 1998 when Ruff Ryders took the music industry by storm with its futuristic backdrops provided by Swizz Beatz and DMX’s raw energy. DMX, The Lox, Drag-On, and newcomers Kartoon and Flashy are ready to pave the way for the new “RR Movement”.