Darren Waller – “Choose Wisely (Farewell)”

Atlanta-raised Darren Waller, a former NFL star and Pro Bowl selection, continues to pursue his musical passion with the release of his new song titled “Choose Wisely (Farewell),” dedicated to his 8-year journey with the NFL. Set against a melodic backdrop enriched with piano and horns, Waller delivers an honest narrative reflecting on his NFL career, personal relationships, and the pursuit of his goals.



Waller, describes, “‘Choose Wisely (Farewell)’ encapsulates all the true feelings I have about my career. The record goes from battling the desire to please people and the downside of fame to celebrating all that I was able to accomplish in my football journey. Through this record, I’ve found peace in my decision to transition into the next chapter of my life and access every level of gratitude for the game that taught me so much.”

Waller’s journey is not just about football and music but also about personal redemption and using his experience to inspire others facing similar challenges. After significant setbacks early in his NFL career due to substance abuse and suspensions, he achieved incredible success by getting sober and becoming a premier tight end in the league. In a YouTube video posted on his channel, he thanks the NFL for all the joy it brought him and everything he learned. He also describes a “very scary” incident last November while recovering from an injury, recalling involuntary “shaking violently” and having to spend three days in the hospital.

Waller addresses his retirement, saying “I’ve decided to retire from the game of football. I’m grateful to God for an amazing journey that I never even thought was possible for a kid from Acworth, GA. I cherish all the people I’ve connected with and the memories created over these last eight years. This chapter of my story may be ending, but this book is far from finished. Love you all, and I’ll see you around.”

Waller is now pursuing a passion for music, having grown up in a musical household and being the great-grandson of famed jazz pianist Fats Waller. Earlier this year, he released “Faith Test,” a track about self-discovery and being tested in a world of instant gratification.