Da Brat has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, revealing she is over $7 million in debt.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Da Brat says she has assets totaling $108,700.65 … but her liabilities total $7,782,249.57.

Da Brat’s liabilities include $6.4 million owed to former cheerleader Shayla Stevens, who won a judgment against the rapper after she hit her with a bottle in a nightclub.

The rapper owes another $1,255,128 to Sony Music and $12k to Ally Bank. In the documents, she lists $2,284 in credit card debt, $2,284 owed to the Georgia Department of Revenue and an unknown amount to the IRS.

Her assets include a 1999 Mercedes 238i ($5k), a 2014 BMW 328i ($15k), and a 2016 Jeep Wrangler ($23k). Da Brat also lists furniture and household goods worth $8,000, electronics in the amount of $3k, a treadmill and elliptical for $2k, $20k in clothing (which she notes is necessary for her job), three dogs (listed as $0), two necklaces worth $15k, and various royalty agreements with an unknown value.

Her monthly income as an entertainer/radio personality is $9,319 but her expenses total $10,506.55 a month, leaving her in the hole every month by $1,187.

The rapper has made $75k so far this year, $106k in 2017 and $92k in 2016.

The bankruptcy is still pending. Source: Blast