Chris Brown Files Defamation Suit Against Rape Accuser

The singer’s Paris-based lawyer is asking for a criminal charge for the “slanderous accusation” of rape that allegedly took place Jan. 15.

Following his arrest and release on an accusation of rape earlier this week, an attorney for Chris Brown has submitted a defamation case against his accuser in Paris courts.

The filing, which identifies the defendant as only Miss K., was submitted to the Paris Prosecutor’s office the afternoon of Jan. 24.

In the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Brown’s attorney is seeking a criminal prosecution for the “slanderous accusation” of the defendant citing a date of Jan. 18. That would be consistent with the date the alleged victim gave her statement to the police, after the events she said took place on overnight from Jan. 15–16.

The filing serves as notice in the case to the public prosecutor and the defendant, and Brown’s attorney is seeking the pursue the case under the penal code, instead of a civil case, which could result in up to one year of jail time. The defendant will have 10 days to file evidence in her defense, and in French courts it is up to the defendant to prove the statement is true.

The 24-year-old alleged victim, giving only the name Karima, told French tabloid Closer on Jan. 22 in that Brown, his bodyguard and a third man raped her in his room at the Mandarin Oriental after meeting at a club. She claimed that while there were several people in the hotel room at the time, Brown barricaded her in another, smaller room while he and the other men allegedly assaulted her for 30 minutes before letting her leave.

She said she was traumatized and shaken by the alleged incident and as a result did not go to the police for two days.

Police arrested Brown Tuesday, but let him go less than 24 hours later without charges, though the investigation is said to be ongoing. His lawyer said he is free to leave the country and will continue to cooperate with the police investigation.

Brown stayed in Paris, filming a music video, and was seen Wednesday shooting around the Eiffel Tower and on the banks of the Seine river. Source: HR