Caskey – Cadillac Music Album

Today, Orlando, Florida rapper Caskey releases his full-length album Cadillac Music, which is now available on all DSPs and streaming services. On this 15-track project, he teamed up with producer Anonymass who collaborated to help create the sound for Caskey’s biggest solo album to date Black Sheep 2.

“‘Cadillac Music’ has been Anonymass and my focus the last 8 months,” explains Caskey. “We’ve been back home, making what’s authentic, tuning out the noise, and doing what WE do best, that BLACK SHEEP sound. Shot the cover [of the album] in front of a crib I used to live in West Orlando, where I was broke, thinking about quitting rap. What a f*ck up that would have been, to abandon my purpose. So glad I didn’t.”