Caskey – DIXIE

Orlando, Florida rapper Caskey shares a heartfelt new track titled “Dixie,” in which he apologizes to his mother for the hardships she endured during his troubled youth, battles with addiction, and their family losses. The newly sober rapper and self-proclaimed black sheep debuts the music video which shows Caskey performing in an arena with his mother in the audience, hearing the song for the first time. ”Dixie” is the focus track and fourth single to be released from Caskey’s upcoming full-length album Cadillac Music, which will be available on all DSPs on October 13.

“I chose to interpret Eminem’s “cleaning out my closet” for the chorus of this song because the initial line “I’m sorry momma, I never meant to hurt you” really rang true for me. Though this time I wouldn’t be saying it ironically or to criticize her, I truly am sorry for the ways I hurt her throughout the years, and this song is me doing my best to set the record straight and make it right.”

“Much of my music career has been inspired by the loss of my father to suicide, and the drug addiction I grew up around,” describes Caskey. “I haven’t yet touched on much of my Mom’s side of the story, or how her resilience through all of her suffering was instrumental in me deciding to get sober. I struggled with drugs since I was a teen, and the loss of my dad really escalated that abuse. My Mom grew up in an abusive household, married a man who eventually would get hooked on opioids, and had to raise two kids who struggled with drug use, all the while being sober her entire life. Wanting to be better for her really pushed me to finally get clean, and be the kind of man she always needed in her life.”

Caskey is currently on a US tour with Yelawolf. The two artists have a history of touring together, following the success of their joint LP Yelawolf Blacksheep, in 2021, which reached #61 on Billboard’s Top Album Chart.