Wordsmith – Steady Grindin

Wordsmith is an Indie artist in full control of his musical career. The emcee from Baltimore looks to represent his city on national and international stages with his Conscious-Commercial Hip-Hop and theatrical stage shows. His list of accomplishments reads like a major label artist, and his commitment to the business and the art has allowed NU Revo to remain independent. His story is as inspirational and uplifting as his music.

Treat the music business like you’re studying for a final exam. I don’t know too many people who would take a test blindly without preparation yet I see so many artists do that with music.

NU Revolution Entertainment (NU Revo) is the always-professional, ever-expanding, world-wide movement created by CEO-Artist, WORDSMITH. Our Mission is to entertain and educate through a Message of Purpose, and always by example relate that message through clean, quality, and marketable Music for the Masses.

NU Revolution is making great strides in the independent music scene and the biggest opportunity came in April 2015. Wordsmith and his LIVE Band joined forces with the Armed Forces Entertainment for a 19 day overseas concert tour! Wordsmith traveled to Djibouti, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain to perform for U.S. military personnel stationed there. This was a tremendous honor and we would like to provide the same high quality entertainment to audiences all over the country.

As a Hip-Hop artist and songwriter, Wordsmith has outgrown and overcome the negative stereotypes of the Urban music genres. He has earned his chances and performed shows for grade schools and colleges, clubs and bars, venues and theaters, even conferences and festivals. His music is free of profanity, full of message driven content and his dramatic style is embraced by Rock, Pop, Alternative, even Jazz music audiences.

Wordsmith’s cross-genre appeal and growing fame demanded a professional presentation for a widely diverse audience. He welcomed the challenge in building a LIVE Band and embraced his own evolution as an artist to a front man knowing his efforts would enhance his concert performances and garner more reputable, more prolific gigs. Now Word will only take the stage with his LIVE Band behind him.

Wordsmith has toured throughout his career with stops in New York, Las Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Charlotte, Indianapolis, San Jose, Harrisburg, and overseas in London, England. In 2015 he continued that trend as he and his band toured overseas US military bases in Africa and Southwest Asia with Armed Forces Entertainment.

Wordsmith has both lectured and performed at various music conferences around the country sharing his great music and professional experience with other indie artists; conferences include SXSW, A3C, Mid Atlantic Music, Millennium Music, Launch and more. Wordsmith also visits grade schools to perform for students and promote Anti-bullying narratives and a message of purpose.

When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?
I fell in love with Hip Hop around the time Run DMC’s “Tougher then Leather” and The Fat Boys are back dropped. I would soon become fans of Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B. & Rakim, Redman and more. I spent a lot of my younger years saving up lunch money just to buy two new tapes a week; I miss those days.

Musically, what type of “vibe” are you on?
I like to call my music conscious yet commercial. When I create a song it’s important to not make throw away music and focus on a message. Hip Hop is based on storytelling, so I look to keep that element alive in my work. On the flip side I love commercial music, so I keep my records catchy and memorable. Combining the two isn’t always easy because commercial records are very transparent and don’t seek to have a big underlying meaning most of the time.

Whose music were/are you a big fan of? Who exactly influenced your style?
A Tribe Called Quest, Coldplay, Nas and Redman influenced me the most. I don’t feel I sound like any of them, but there creativity and being themselves is what I took the most. None of the acts I mentioned are characters, fake or follow what the next artist is doing.

What artist(s) would like to colab with that you’ve yet to work with?
I would like to collab with Taylor Swift and Coldplay over most Hip Hop acts. I write a lot of music for TV, Films and games, so I like to work with songwriters. I’m sorry but some Hip Hop Artists can’t even write a complete song; you can have the best lyrics in the world, but that doesn’t mean you understand the structure of writing a great record.

The gems of Wisdom video is pretty deep.. What was the inspiration to put this together?
Thank you; my inspiration was to tell a story of a child chosen by God to carry the knowledge, understanding & history of this current generation to the next race of mankind.The child is homeless with no direction until a kind soul stumbles upon him one day while he’s sleeping. He doesn’t know at the time, but it’s actually God taking him under his wing teaching him the values of life and eventually leaving him on his own to carry out his will as the world is driven into chaos due to constant sin. Crazy thing is with all that underlying meaning the record can play commercially.

Tell us about NU Revolution Entertainment (NU Revo) — What’s it all about?
I opened up NU Revolution Entertainment in 2009 as a means of releasing products that set new trends in the music. I only wanted innovative artists that weren’t interested in sounding like anybody else out. I preach individualism and setting your own path as an artist.

You’ve toured quite a bit.. What’s been your most memorable experience thus far on the road?
I would definitely say touring in Africa and Southwest Asia. I had the chance to see extreme poverty and extreme rich while fulfilling the mission to perform for our great troops. Some people never get to visit Africa, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and more so I soaked it all in.

How has the experience been from lecturing and performing at various music conferences (SXSW, A3C, Mid Atlantic Music, Millennium Music, Launch) around the country? What have you learned from these experiences?
I enjoy lecturing just as much as performing. I go into schools to do Anti-Bully messages that I use my music to back up my bullet points. I lecture adults on seeking purpose in life and gain valuable support through these methods. Nothing is better than seeing your message penetrate a lost soul or change the perspective of an individual.

How do you view the current climate of today’s Hip-Hop — Are you content with it?
I don’t feel there is enough variety in Hip Hop today. I don’t hate or particular dislike Trap Music, but in this day and age people act like that’s the only form of rap out. There are great commerical, conscious and backpack rappers that are considered underground just because they don’t fit today’s mold. To me that’s sad when we should be raising up many forms of the Hip Hop expression. Keyword is Hip Hop and music in general is a form of expression.

What’s the message you’re trying to convey with your music?
I’m using my music as a means of promoting a positive and purpose driven life.

What do you like to do in your spare time completely away from music?
I’m big on fatherhood and raising my two sons.

What else can we expect from you in the coming New Year?
I’m currently working on new music, signed on with a PR company called Fresh Tracks, seeking out sponsorships, investors, tightening up my LIVE band, working on another overseas tour, lectures and my 2016 show schedule.

What advice do you have for upcoming hip hop artists that are trying to make it in this game? Treat the music business like you’re studying for a final exam. I don’t know too many people who would take a test blindly without preparation yet I see so many artists do that with music. Take the time to learn how to copyright your music, what a PRO society is, how royalty’s work, find out the difference between mechanical and performance royalties, understand licensing, seek out distribution, understand how press works, see the best states to open up your business so property taxes are lower, learn how to write off business expenses and more. All this should be done before you drop your first record.

Any last words? 
Yes… remember stay positive and live a purpose driven life.