Top Agrees to Pay Ex-Business Partner $2.2 Million to End Legal

According to the Blast, Black Eyed Peas’ will pay $2.2 million to his former business partner over a headphones deal gone bad.

FIH Mobile sued his company,, over a deal they claimed to have with to produce his own line of high-quality headphones. They alleged to have produced $3.4 million worth of headphones, but claim refused to pay the bill once they received the products. claimed he never had an agreement with FIH over the headphones. He accused the company of failing to deliver the headphones on the schedule, producing a product that was below agreed-upon standards, failing to fulfill product orders, delaying production and causing delays in delivery to customers.

The singer argued he didn’t owe FIH a dime and wanted their entire lawsuit dismissed.

On July 11, docs were filed in the case revealing the parties have reached a settlement to dismiss the entire case. Per their agreement, agrees to pay FIM a total of $2.2 million, less any payments already made.

The deal will finally bring an end to the entire legal battle.