Trap Dickey – “All Purple”

South Carolina rap star Trap Dickey released his new single, “All Purple,” today. The track stays true to Trap’s affinity for sharing his hardships. The bouncy piano intro of the ZG the Goat-produced track weaves in and out of a familiar trap beat that Trap Dickey smoothly spits over.

The song alludes to his life experiences being different from his peers, a common theme in Trap Dickey’s discography. With authenticity at his core, his roots are something he’s clearly proud to show off once again in “All Purple.”

The track, which comes after his May 3 release of “Carolina to New York,” stays true to Trap’s lyricism while returning to a sound truer to his South Carolina roots.

Through his music, Trap Dickey showcases his evolution as an artist and his knack for connecting with listeners through authentic narratives and raw emotion. “I want people to understand,” he says, “I’m not just rapping. I’m not just talking.”