Sylo – So Familiar

Today’s single arrives with an official video, shot in the swamps and streets of New Orleans. Directed by longtime creative collaborator Martin Klapperbein, Sylo brings his laidback nature to an airboat ride and Bourbon Street, filmed in a run and gun style.



Sylo, a Korean-Canadian artist hailing from Toronto and formerly known as Sylo Nozra, is a rising luminary in the alternative R&B universe. His soulful melodies and deeply personal lyrics, influenced by his heritage, have earned him global recognition. His track “Ginny” has received worldwide acclaim, even catching the attention of K-Pop icons like NCT and BTS’s Jungkook. His song “FOMO” also gained prominence after being featured in the hit Netflix series “On My Block.” Fresh from a riveting COLORS studios performance in July 2023 and a successful tour with MICHELLE the previous year, Sylo is on the cusp of releasing an eagerly anticipated project. This new endeavor, infused with his signature self-care themes, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to his discography, further solidifying Sylo’s status as a trailblazer in the music industry.