KRE8TOR – Production

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers as well as established veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.

KRE8TOR, who now resides in Long Beach Cali is one of the hottest producers on the scene. He’s no stranger to the game. You’ll be hearing a lot from this cat if you haven’t already.

KRE8TOR began writing raps to entertain his family and friends. Eventually his interests took him into the world of producing. KRE8TOR is self-taught on the keyboard and guitar. He has also mastered drum-machines, mixing boards, hard-disk recorders and other varieties of recording studio equipment.

The KRE8TOR’s primary goals were to become self-reliant, knowledgeable and, of course, implement true ORIGINALITY. This concept was basically unheard of since during this time period, nearly everyone was sampling beats from pre-recorded material.

Keeping his name in the streets as well as making a big heads up in the current rap game, he stays loyal to the streets,”Vice Versa.” Kre8tor has been keeping it on a underground level for over ten years.

Currently, the KRE8TOR has his own record label, Double Edge Music, and his own recording studio located in Los Angeles. There he is free to KREATE an eclectic range of music, which includes hip hop, r&b, ballads, reggae, latin & club mixes. Due to his versatility he has been able to work with such artist as BAD-AZZ, CPO, GAME (Aftermath’s newest artist). CHOCOLATE, YUKMOUTH, DRE’STA, BIG SIKE, SPICE 1, KOKANE, GREEN LANTERN, CHRIS GENTRY (Champion Pro Skateboarder on the Xtreme Sports Network) to name a few.

The KRE8TOR’S company DOUBLE EDGE MUSIC is slowly becoming the new hit machine for the industry.