Kosha Dillz – Bring the Family Home (Israel-Palestine Song)

Today, Iaraeli-American rapper Kosha Dillz is sharing a brand new song penned following the news of Hamas’ most recent attack on Israel. Within just a few days Kosha Dillz (aka Rami Even-Esh), had written “Bring the Family Home” and recorded and a stunning video shot in old Jewish New York on the Lower East Side that includes shots of the famous Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery and the new Beastie Boys Square.

Many of Dillz’ relatives and friends have died and/or been kidnapped, including those at the infamous Supernova festival where over 260 people perished. With over 150 people kidnapped, how can one artist think about releasing a song at a time like this? Kosha rhymes, “Bring the family home that’s what the world saying, cry to death or can’t sleep that’s the worst pain”When there is no point of return, the only option is to create any form of communication on our platform as an opportunity for education. When you hear Kosha Dillz on a Griselda-type beat, he does just that.

An advocate of peace, Kosha has been elevating the stories of survivors from October 7 via social media. “I already know that there are people with historical fact sheets, but even with footage of the horror, our current world doesn’t accept it as truth. My only option of not seeing it within my own eyes is getting videos from all my followers.” By sharing real messages from his fans followers and friends, it resonates more with how society wishes to feel the urge to chime in with proximity. “The world seems to want to feel close to a cause, so the only way to do that is to give a platform to survivors, just like the Holocaust Museums did. This one is ours. Never again is now.”