JIMI KENDRIX – Hip Hop Producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.

Born Kendred T. Smith Hollis Queens Ny, a twin and oldest of 5 children (4 boys and 1 baby sister) along with his other half. Music has been apart of his life before he was born. His Entire family has been in the music Business down to his grandparents (his grand mother owned her own gospel label and put out a few successful projects that did pretty well) his mom was a big singer who was always known around New York to people as star but put her career on the back burner after getting pregnant her last year of high school. So now her legacy lives thru her children leading the charge. All of her children are in music from song writing to producing but what makes them so well rounded is the fact that they all play a different instrument. and have toured professionally as musicians within the circuit.

Raised in church things were hard at first because they wanted to try different types of music and were told it was devils music! Yet with little effort it came easy to them to do. To this day they still have there roots and continue to go to church. Jimi did not want to go the music route, actually he wanted to just go to college and excel in sports the dream of many young guys his age living in the hood. Things all changed when he was asked to do a gig to china for a while to play in an opera orchestra company with his God father and one of his mentors Dinky Bingham, Who has produced hits for Rell, Kylie Minogue, Patti Labelle, Guy, Chaka Khan, and many more… He is also a well known musician in the business. The problem was Jimi worked for the Queens District Attorneys office where his job was secure, and pay was decent. Non the less he took the chance and left to do the gig. That was the last Time he’s worked a 9-5. Since then he’s toured as a drummer for many artists, his favorites being Charlie Wilson and gap Band, going to china and his God Sister R&B singer Kelly Price who his mom looked after since she was a young girl singing in church.

So you see the influence around him was something he couldn’t ignore and it eventually got the best of him as well. Yet production still hasn’t come into play yet, at the time he was watching his brothers dabble in it thru his other mentor Uncle Brian “boogz” Attmore who at the time was producing for the Hit Men on biggie and a lot of bad boy’s production. Jimi was enjoying the musicianship side of things but begin to be very curious about production, well his time would soon come when making friends with producer/artist NOKIO
of Dru Hill at a concert jimi was playing with the gap band at sob’s. Watching nokio work on dru hill was so inspiring that he decided to stop touring and start doing beats. Nokio gave jimi his 1st ever piece of equipment which he still uses 2day an mpc 2000xl. With no money coming in, no job JiMI Hustled and did construction work by day and beats by nite!! A year went by and jimi begin to listen to all types of music one of his favorites being jimi Hendrix. The more people heard his music the more he felt he needed to find a person of comparison with and that’s how jimi kendrix came about, by combining his name with one of his favorites in the game. He realizes filling those shoes would be hard but his objective wasn’t to fill them but to be myself! And that’s what he’s done… His big break came after getting a page from his uncle Big Chuck while at work to rush up to baseline studios because jay z wanted one of his beats and the rest is history
“I did it my way” was recorded for the blue print 2 album and since then he’s been busy! LiL Zane, Jay Z,
Az, ReLL, Sparks of State Property, RaigN, Juelz Santana, Kelly price, Tamia, all in his 1st yr.

Things have quickly heated up since when Murda INC acquired his services as in-house and the rest is History He did the bulk of jarule’s blood in my eye album as well as ja’s R.U.L.E album this year, worked on R&B singer Lloyd, Ashanti’s new album coming out, Shyne “jimi choo” single! And one of his biggest accomplishments was being asked to work on the last album for one of our all time legends PATTI Labelle who he admires so much. And can actually say she cooked for him as well 🙂 “she’s a great cook” at the moment he’s in the studio recording with black child of murda inc, Charlie Baltimore, red Cafe, Graph, new artist on russel Simmons label SONNY GOOD TIMES, EVE, Styles P, And a few more I can’t name till finalized… If u ask him who his favorite producers are he’d easily say DR DRE, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Neptune’s, SCOTT Scorch, KanYe, Alchemist, a crazy combo with the names next to each other, but he says because theses are legends of old, the present and on the under ground level. People consider him the next supa producer but he’s just happy to be RecoGniZeD as an established producer now…. Hopefully ill be able to make the next step up as an exec. Recently the producer signed his first 2 artists to his company FAMILY BIZNESS MUZIK. BROOKLYN FEMALE RAPPER SONJA Blade and Gospel Male Singer T.J of whom T.J. is on tour right now and Sonja is recording her untitled Debut Album.

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