Gabriela Richardson x Rejjie Snow – Verde Oscura


Today, Spanish and African-American artist Gabriela Richardson shares her first single of the new year “Verde Oscura” featuring Rejjie Snow. Co-produced by Lewis OfMan, “Verde Oscura” arrives with a music video directed by Pedro Artola, to perfectly encapsulate the artist’s multidimensionality.

The single was born from a jam session with Daniel Ceasar on the island of Mallorca. Though the track was later finished in Paris, the song embodies a Meditteranean ethos as Gabriela details a dreamlike retelling of unrequited love.

First emerging on the scene in 2015, Gabriel Richardson saw her first success with the song “Hundred Miles” featuring YALL, which earned the then singer her first Gold status record in 20 countries and later was certified Diamond in Mexico, France, Spain, and Belgium.