The Philadelphia born hip-hop star is turning all eyes and ears on him for his much-hyped release “Protege of The Game” featuring appearances by The Game, Akon and a plethora of production talent including Simon Illa, Cool & Dre and the Affiliated Dream Team.

Phillys official Bad Guy, Cyssero has been pushing his game to all corners of the scene, a mix of drive, realness and a raw talent for music has gotton this young MC noticed by some of the biggest names in the scene, The Game in particular has been nurturing this talent ready for the big time which is now ready to be unveiled. A deep, grimey mix of west coast beats, combined with his own twist of Philly delights delve into the dark world of Cyssero. Tracks such as Stick Em and Ima Rider puts rest to anyone willing to go against his ties with the streets, whilst Killadel Rider remarks on his own experiences in his home town of Philly. Cyssero will no doubt be making waves on every coast as he delivers his rap masterpiece and proves he’s Phillys new Fresh Prince of Black Wall

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What’s craccin fam. So lets get right to it.. How did you run into Game and get with the whole Black Wall thing?

CYSSERO: Game came to Philly on the “How THe West Was Won” Tour at the Wachovia Center, I some how got backstage and just made it a point to spit for the big homie. I spit for like 2 hours non stop and he was wild’n out. He got up threw some chains on me and its been on ever since!

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: Did he bread you down right on the spot? What type of $$ you get? Explain your deal with Black Wallstreet..

CYSSERO: Game gave me A BWS Chain and a couple dollas in the pocket ya know? Just to make me confortable while on tour. My deal with BWS is im a soldier for the regime. There’s really no one INKED to Black Wallstreet as of yet. More like a Set, a family. I’m down with the Wall till i die and that’s real rap.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: So you’re from Philly, Who inspired you to rap? At what point did you say to yourself..”This is what I want to do” ?

CYSSERO: I started writting and rapping in like 1998. In about 2000 is when I got focused like I could really do this. I started out a battle rapper chewing other rappers heads off. I come from a long line of competitors and It’s kill or be killed in the Murder Capi!

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What was it like growing up in Philly?

CYSSERO: Man same ol stuff, Hood, Murders, Drugs. I’m sure it’s been said a million times by a million different people. Some times was good, but people never wanna hear the good shit do they?

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: How did you come up with your name Cyssero/Rockstar?

CYSSERO: The name actully stems from Cicero, the great Roman philosopher and politician in the waning years of the Roman Republic. Rockstar came from GAME. He said My persona was that of a rockstar.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: You and Cassidy cool now? Or is there still beef? Explain the whole situation. What set it off?

CYSSERO: That beef was never really on no rap shit, If you peep the new cd theres a whole skit addressing the situation. I gave dude enough time in my light.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What’s the whole situation over at Black Wall? Who’s all officially with that Camp besides you, Game, and Juice?

CYSSERO: Well the camps artist are GAME and Nu Jerzey Devil, Everyone else is just part of the family until Game gets his situation right. My thing is… even tho I’m over there on the west I’m here making moves for myself.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: So tell us about your new project.. It’s titled “Protege of The Game”? When’s it dropping? Who’s all gettin down on it? (Artists, producers)

CYSSERO: The album is dumb nice, features from Akon, the big homie Game. Production from Dre & Vidal, Simon Illa, Shortyo, Nu Jerzey Devil, Akon, Cool & Dre. We worked with so many cats it was crazy! It drops nationwide JANUARY 23rd. We even having a contest so anyone who buys the cd has a chance to win a REAL Black Wallstreet Chain!

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What’s “Affiliated Records” all about? Who’s all on that label? Is this album under Black Wallstreet or Affiliated?

CYSSERO: The Affiliated Records imprint is my big homie Shortyo’s Label. For those that don’t know Shortyo is my Business Partner and was the one behind the last cd “Phillys Bad Guy”. Basically, Shortyo giving me the opportunity to make money for my family while Game gets his situations ready for the Blackwall. He has a few artists over there developing. He got Japan, Shoshyn, Reiko and a R&B group. The album we putting out is under Affiliated Records and my label ..Crack Music.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: You doing any videos, tours?

CYSSERO: We are doing a video for “So Fresh” and “Corner Boy”. Also don’t be surprised if you see me on the US tour with Game this year.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What else should we expect?

CYSSERO: I’m working on another album called State Of Emergency and so far it’s crazy!

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What’s going down in the studio? Is it all fun, or what’s up? Give us some insight on the work ethic involved..etc.

CYSSERO: It’s all work. I get a beat cd on monday.. by wednesday the tracks are done. I got so much shit recorded right now it’s crazy. if I died tommorow I’d be able to release albums for at least 3 more years

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: What did you think about ’06? Was it a good look for hip hop? What’s craccin for ’07? you makin moves?

CYSSERO: 06 was good. Alot of business got done. We lost a few soldiers but we keep our heads up and keep moving. 07… I’m sure more business will get done, more money will be made. We just keep it moving!

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: So what’s poppin over in Philly?

CYSSERO: Pistols… ahahahhahah!! Na for real, Clubs is getting crazy out in the city of brotherly love. It’s winter time. Not much goes down right now.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: Who are you feeling right now in the rap game?

CYSSERO: The Game, Jeezy, Jay’s new shit is crazy. Lil wayne. Too Many to name. Im’a fan of rap music so I dig It all.

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: Who’s your all-time top 3 rappers?

CYSSERO: 2pac, Big, Me

RAPINDUSTRY.COM: Any last words?

CYSSERO: Make sure you check out the myspace page for all the newest info on the prince of Philly! Pick up 10 copies of the new cd January 23rd so you can win a BWS chain! And keep it locked to …YEA!