Boola -Music Producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


For Boola, to make it as a producer in this game, one must constantly increase their music catalog and take music to new levels on a regular basis. Born in 1977 in Newark, New Jersey, the record producer, composer, songwriter Alrad “Boola” Lewis soon developed his love for music. He then moved to Hempstead, New York, which is where he started writing rhymes at a young age. “I’ve been naturally doing music since around 7th grade, rapping and playing around with turntables”, said Boola “It’s a growing process”. It is clear upon hearing his work that the process is working for Boola.

After producing a few unpublished songs Boola met with Darrin Chandler. Darren Chandler who was A&R at MCA Records took an interested in Boola’s talent and brokered his first published work in 2002, “Did Ya Say that” by the GZA of Wu Tang Clan. The following year Darrin was hired by his cousin Dame Dash at Roc-A-Fella Records to become Vice President of the label. Boola soon followed where he obtained a song deal wit Roc-A-Fella Records and became an in house producer where he met Gary “Big Face” Bein- Aime. Gary used the success that Roc-A-Fella Records was experiencing and took Boola along for the ride. Since then, Boola has become a platinum producer.

Producing a wide range of songs such as H.H.E.H, Tales of a Hustler, Flatline, Oh Daddy by Beanie Sigel, If I was your Girlfriend by Nicole Wray, Capo Status by Jim Jones, The Chosen One by Jaheim, Real Love by Rell, That’s Right, What We Gotta Do by Young Guns, Lets Go, My way by Lost Boyz, Something New by Cam’Ron & I Ain’t Gotta Tell You by NE-YO, just to name a few. When it comes to his music Boola doesn’t want to reserve himself to one signature sound at this point in his career.”Right now Im versatile”, he says, “I don’t want to close myself in with one sound because that can be limiting. I make all types of beats. Rock, soul, fast, slow. I do it all.” Adaptability is just part of the job for Boola. Boola is presently working on his premiere solo project.

As executive producer Boola is ready to blaze a new music trail. By ushering in a new sound that he has coined “Hip Rock”. It’s a sound that fuses Hip-hop and Rock n Roll together. The project will feature the singing talents of Mitsue. Mitsue an rising music student who embraced her love for music was introduced to Boola by Tarik Baker. Tarik, CEO of S Management thought the combination would be great. Mitsue, was an immediate hit with Boola. They both are presently working on the sound that will positively change the musical landscape forever.

-Beanie Sigel ‘The Solution” – H.H.E.H- 2007
-Ne-Yo “In My Own Words”- I Ain’t Gotta Tell You- 2006
-Jaheim “Ghetto Classics” – The Chosen One -2006
-Cam’Ron “Killa Season:” – Something New – 2006
-Beanie Sigel “ The Becoming” – Flatline,Oh Daddy,Tales of A Hustler –2005
-Nicole Wray – If I was Your Girlfriend – 2005
-Rell – Real Love – 2005
-Young Gunz “ Brothers From Another” – What We Gotta Do – 2005
-Lost Boyz “ Lost Boyz Forever” – Lets Go, My way – -2005
-Young Gunz “Tough Love” – That’s Right – 2004
-Jim Jones “On My Way To Church” – Capo Status,Take. 1Take 2,Final Take – 2004
-Diplomats “Diplomatic Immunity 2” – Duty Clap – 2004
-State Property “Chain Gang” – Temporary Relief, State Prop You Know Us – 2003
-Gza “Legend Of The Liquid Sword” – Did Ya Say That – 2003
-40 Year Old Virgin 2005
-Pantene Commercial 2005