Anané – “High” Video + New EP

Nulu Music label boss, singer, DJ and artistic visionary Anané recently dropped her ‘Take A Ride’ EP exclusively on Nervous Records.

Produced by Two Soul Fusion, aka Louie Vega and Josh Milan, the mini-album contains six tracks, all with live string arrangements courtesy of the Apple Hill String Quartet and conducted by Leroy Burgess. The recording dives from the effortless heights of Punk Disco (Let Me Be Your Fantasy, High, Anané’s Punk Disco Demo) into the swirling eddies of Jazz Funk (Coffy Is The Color) before climbing back out into the languorous arms of Italo-Disco (Tutto Previsto) and Anane’s Punk Disco Demo.

The EP is held together in its entirety by the dreamy, sumptuous vocal of its creator Anané, who considers her top line one vital part of the instrumental whole. “I am art,” Anané reflects carefully, “for I am the music as much as I am the singer. Creation means to crawl into the unseen of my own dreams and becoming the beast of my vision, singing to the world as I go by.”