1K Phew x Zaytoven – Let Go Let God + New Album.


1K Phew collaborative Album with Zaytoven, “Pray For Atlanta” is officially here! With appearances from Young Dro, Hunxho, Jekalyn Carr and more, this is the 2nd collaborative album 1K Phew has ever released, following the joint project he did with Lecrae in 2021, “No Church In A While.” This release also features an official music video for the focus track, “Let Go Let God.”

Following the release of his debut album, “As I Am” in 2022, 1K Phew is back with a bang this year releasing a collaborative project with the legendary Hip Hop producer Zaytoven, known for curating the signature sound of international superstars Gucci Mane, Future and the Migos. 1K Phew’s first collaboration with Zaytoven was with his breakout single, “Church Gone Wild” nearly 10 years ago making this album a full circle moment for the Atlanta based artists.

This collaboration was truly a match made in heaven considering their upbringings, both being raised in church and products of hip hop. PFA Is the perfect blend of Atlanta culture and the gospel, which speaks to the mission of the project being to contend for the city they know and love. “Doing the Album with Zaytoven is honestly unreal for me,” says 1K Phew. “I grew up being a fan of his watching him do these legendary projects with Atlanta icons like Gucci Mane and Future. So to know I’m now in the same company as those guys all while moving in my purpose and not compromising my mission is priceless to me. I feel like it’s really a testament to my growth since our first time connecting all those years ago.”

1K Phew’s mission, having coined the term, “Gospel Rap,” is to create music that is authentically him and leads people to God. Stylistically he’s always stood out amongst the crowd bringing unique cadences, flows and flavor to every record he touches all the while sharing his story vulnerably and pointing people back to Christ.

With this latest release, 1K’s focus has been on challenging everyone listening to be a light in their city amidst darkness creeping into our world more and more. Born and raised in the city of Atlanta, 1K Phew has a unique experience to Atlanta and growing up in the church and the trap, it makes him the perfect person to speak to the people of Atlanta.


However, Phew isn’t naive to think that he can do this all on his own. “I may not be able to save Atlanta, but I’m for sure going to Pray For Atlanta…” he says. “I am not God and I’m not trying to act like I can save this city, but I do love this city and I hate to see darkness creep in. I know the One who can make a difference so I’m for sure going to point people to Him.”

Known for his catchy melodies and Atlanta Trap sound, 1k Phew is primed and ready to share this music with the world in hopes that not only Atlanta, but cities all of the world would be encouraged to act on the violence and darkness consuming our days through leaning on God and praying for change.