WHATUPRG – This Time Last Year

A year after the release of his breakout single, “God Made A Way,” rising Mexican-American artist WHATUPRG drops a double single for his first new release of 2024 featuring a track alongside a remix for “God Made A Way” ft. Lecrae and nobigdyl. 



2022 for WHATUPRG was a pivotal year in his life personally and professionally. Leading up to the release of his debut album, “New Hollywood,” he was starting to see the fruit of overcoming depression, doubt and anxiety. On that album, he spoke to the victory he claimed by God’s grace. Rolling into 2023, he was marching to a different beat. Sober, faithful and hopeful, RG (Raul Garcia) reflected on how far he had come and a new record came to life, “God Made A Way.” The song quickly became the soundtrack to triumph for RG and his fans as they shared stories and celebrated the faithfulness of God in their life. That song has become RG’s best performing song and continues to resonate worldwide.

“Both of these records are a celebration of what God has done in my life. I hope they encourage people listening to continue to reflect and do this in their own life,” says WHATUPRG. “Being able to work with two of my heroes (Lecrae and nobigdyl.) is a huge honor and I truly don’t know how to express what it means to me. Everytime I listen I am still blown away that it is real. What they brought to the record truly continues the story and elevates the experience. I hope people have the same experience I did when they hear it.” Healthy mentally, physically and spiritually, WHATUPRG is poised and excited to create and continue engaging with his fans. Having his loyal fanbase behind him, there is nowhere God can’t take the movement.