Sango – North Vol. 2 Album

After teasing it since fall 2023, Sango releases North Vol. 2, the long-awaited follow-up to his breakout 2013 album North. The album serves as a showcase for Sango’s continued evolution as a producer, realizing the skills that he honed producing for the likes of Frank Ocean, Drake, Tinashe, Bryson Tiller and more to deliver his greatest body of work to date.

Since first emerging on the scene, Sango has quietly amassed a massive catalog that explores the entire spectrum of music. From the baile funk of his celebrated Da Rocinha series to the lush soul of his 2018 album In The Comfort Of or his cult classic remixes of artists like Aaliyah, Drake, Little Dragon, The Weeknd and more – he’s done it all.

Sango had always shown a keen interest in music even before adopting his moniker, cutting his teeth at 12 years old by producing music alongside his older brother and his friends. His work mainly focuses on hip-hop and soul-influenced beats that, over the years, have been able to come together as his own distinctive, innovative sound. He is a master of Brazilian funk samples, electronic beats, and the demonstration of cultural unity through sound. Sango remains a member of collective Soulection, the influential Los Angeles-based music collective launched in 2011.