Amindi – it’s not feeling good anymore

Amindi releases her new single “it’s not feeling good anymore” today via EQT recordings. This is the third single from her upcoming mixtape Take What You Need, out on September 22nd. The newest single is a bittersweet meditation on a relationship at its end. Whistling over phased-out guitars, Amindi’s lyrics carry through the indie production with an acerbic honesty. The song comes together into a sugar-pill, easing the harsh necessity of a break up with a delicate delivery.

Coming up in the age of the Internet, the Jamaican American artist first got her start posting her songs in the early days of SoundCloud in 2013. “My high school gave us iPads with GarageBand my freshman year, and I’d make little beats, record, and upload them onto SoundCloud,” Amindi says. One thing led to another, and her dancehall-inspired track “Pine and Ginger” with Tessellated and Valleyz went viral on the platform her senior year—catapulting Amindi into the spotlight at just 18 years old.

Amindi describes her current unique, genre-melding style as “pastel rap,” a perfect encapsulation of how much she values songwriting and her soft, easygoing sound—“I consider myself a rapper deep down because I value the word,” she explains. “But it’s pastel because if you listen, you’d feel a little pink.”