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skin diamond

Height: 5' 5
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 32B-25-35
Eyes: Black
Matt Christie
Nik Design
Trevor Goldsmith
Andy Hartman

Born in America and raised in Scotland, Skin Diamond is anything but the average porn star. As a fixture in the UK alt, fetish, and erotic world for 4 years, Skin was often seen gracing the covers of top magazines like Bizarre. Her unique look caught the eye of mainstream fashion designers, and Skin found herself modeling for Louis Vuitton, American Apparel, and Atsuko Kudo. However, Skin’s desire to further express her sexuality led her to drastically change her look and take on the mainstream porn world. Represented by legendary adult agent Mark Spiegler, Skin is proving she has many dimensions beyond her alt modeling roots. She can adapt and perform for top companies, such as Burning Angel where she began her XXX career, as well as Penthouse, Vivid, Evil Angel, Hustler, Elegant Angel, Kink, and more. This spring, Skin shows her acting ability in the anticipated feature comedy from AMKingdom, “Revenge of the Petites.” recently caught up with the urban petite they call Skin Diamond to see what she's all about..


So you were born here in cali? How did you end up over in Scotland? How was it growing up there?
I moved to Scotland when I was really young with my parents and stayed there for 20 years. I loved growing up in another country! I got to see the best of both worlds and I think it gave me a different outlook on things. I love Scotland and I like to see myself as Scottish even though I don't actually have any roots there.

What kind of music did you listen to over in Scotland? How different is the music scene there? I listened to a lot of dance music in my later years living there... the dance music scene is very different and I actually prefer it in the UK where the current obsession of dance music began!

What type of hip hop do you listen to? favorite artists?
I like all the different types but I'd say my favorite artists are old school like 2Pac, Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre. I also LOVE The Fugees & Tricky (But I suppose Tricky is actually trip hop haha)

What hip hop artist(s) would you like to do a porn with?
Snoop. It's his voice! Hmmmmmmmmmmm so sexy

Heard you like to sing? what type of music do you like to sing? Who's your
favorite singer?
I love singing!! My favorites to sing along to are Billie Holiday, Zero 7 & Jessica Rabbit hehe.. but anything really! One of these days I think I'd like to record something just for fun and to see where it takes me..

How did you get started in modeling?
I became obsessed with "Bizarre magazine" when I was a teenager. I had never seen models that look like that before. A little on the alternative side and with fuller figured bodies! So I decided that that was what I wanted to do. So I worked and worked and finally years later I finally became a Bizarre cover girl achieving a life goal I had set for myself. Then I wanted to see what else I could do! Since then I've had the pleasure of modeling for big name designers such as Louis Vuitton & American Apparel!

How did you make the transition from the world of high fashion, to kink modeling, to the adult industry? Throughout out my modeling career, I was always modeling in the more risque side of things. I modeled art nudes and erotic with heavily sexual themes. I was also immersed in the fetish scene since that is my personal preference when it comes to sex, and I modeled a lot of fetish fashion. So doing hardcore was really just the next step for me!

How many movies have you done do to date?

Thats a hard question! I know that there are over 60 movies of me so far that have been released or that are due for release soon, but since I'm constantly shooting I'd have to say I've performed in close to a hundred so far!

Your latest gig is "Revenge of the Petites", what was the concept behind that movie? The concept is of two young petite girls (Marie McCray & I) starting college who are feeling a little out of sorts and insecure with themselves because of their body types. They just don't fit in with the cookie cutter image of tall skinny model type girls. There is a roller coaster of events and the movie concludes with the petites girls showing who's boss! It's a very feel good movie!

What's your character in "Revenge of the Petites" like? I played Marie's best friend. My character was that of a tom boy and she really just didn't get all this nonsense with sororities and the like. My character is very skeptical throughout but, wanting to be supportive of her friend, she gets dragged along for the ride!

So you have a fetish for pain? why do you enjoy it so much? what does it do for you? what are your boundaries? I do really enjoy scenes that are more on the rough side. It's hard to explain why I enjoy the pain factor so much since technically the pain is still very .. well painful! But I get so much more satisfaction when I have to suffer through something and overcome it! It makes me feel strong and makes me realize how tough I am! Also, when you're body is experiencing that much pain, it releases a lot of endorphins, which makes for more intense orgasms!

Does your bedroom look like a torture chamber or is that overdramatizing it?
Um no haha! My bedroom is actually very girly with painting of flowers I did myself and lots of deep purple (the color of royalty!). However my naughty drawer is a little on the crazy side.. along with the normal type of toys you would expect to find in a girls naughty drawer, I also have a collection of clothespins, ball gag, blindfolds, nipple clamps, crops, paddles and other implements of torture.

For being such a petite thing you have a great ass.. would you say that is your
best asset?
I would say its pretty cool haha.

Favorite mainstream actress? Audrey Hepburn

Favorite mainstream actor? Johnny Depp

What type of guys do you like? I like older men usually, but I like all types of guys!

What type of girls do you like? I like innocent cute looking girls.

What are your biggest turn-ons? I love breath play!!

If you could be 1 person for a day (anyone) who would it be?
I don't want to be anyone else, I love my life!

What's next for you..? I have a lot of new movies coming out including "X-Men: XXX" directed by Axel Braun where I play Storm! I'm also working on my own website and I have plans to start feature dancing this year!! For now you can keep an eye on my twitter for updates!! @skin_diamond xxx

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