Age: 19
Sign: Libra
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 34-26-34

The stunning and exotic Rio Valentine is Digital Playground’s new girl on the block. At 19-years-old, 5’6” tall, and 115 lbs, the all- natural, tanned goddess looks like she stepped off a steamy Brazilian beach. With enchanting eyes, thick lips, and a flawless complexion, this gorgeous babe is ready to take the entertainment world by storm…a hurricane of sexual energy named Rio Valentine.

Rio Valentine is a Libra, a sign indicative of her sensual, flirtatious nature. The luscious flirt loves to dance with random strangers. While she is a fan of all styles of music, songs with a special place in Rio's heart are ones which make her hips sway and her fine booty shake. Besides dancing, the hottie is turned on by domination and confidence, but she frowns on inauthenticity. Rio is a submissive girl who wants nothing more than to be thrown down and ravished by guys and girls. Most of Rio's hobbies tend to lead back to sex, as she is ruled by her kinky fantasies and illicit thoughts. An online chat with new friends can quickly turn to dirty talking, her bikini conveniently floats away while swimming, and an afternoon of rollerblading transforms into a deviant romp behind some bushes. These nymphomaniac tendencies made entering the adult industry a natural path for Rio.

With a taste for fame fueling her, Rio saw an incredible opportunity to position herself at AVN's 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo. Sure enough, it was there Rio's unique look caught the eye of Joone, Digital Playground’s Founder. Always interested in new experiences and rarely traveled paths, Rio jumped at the chance to work in adult entertainment as an exclusive contract performer for the company noted for blockbuster movie series like “Pirates” and “Island Fever”.

Immediately accessible, the enticing Rio entered into a contract with Digital Playground in June of 2009. Wanting to capture her playful, exotic disposition, Joone chose the name Rio--Spanish for “river”.
Valentine describes the passion burning beneath her flesh, causing perpetual orgasms to ripple through Rio's body from the mere thought of filming her next scene.

To Rio Valentine, being a sex symbol is a dream job--one she takes very seriously. The constant stimulation is rewarding, but Rio also relishes the chance to leave a positive impression on the world by interacting daily with fans in person and online. In Rio's immediate future are magazine covers, best selling movies, and stardom, however Rio is taking her calling one step at a time and relishing every moment.

"I Am Constantly learning and growing, with in myself, and myself within the world sharpening my abilities and striving to make myself better mentally, physically and emotionally every day that passes.And educating myself on my Lifestyle ever spare moment that passes. I Have the ability to Accept myself for who and what i am regardless if people think what im doing is wrong, Life had thought me a lot, As long as im happy it doesn't matter wtf people think, because in the long run youll find someone who believes in what you believe and everyone else who kept pushing you away just kicks themselves in the ass later."

"With That being said Im a Submissive Female. Theres Much more about me That I would not be able to explain, its deep inside, i know what i like, want and what makes me feel totally accepted "

Music I Listen to almost everything, ranging from country to rap, hip-pop, rock, metal,pop and the list goes on.........Im very well rounded"

What type of guys do you like?
I love dark hair, light eyes, and a great personality. Someone who doesnt try too hard to be someone he is not. And someone with a great smile and sense of humor.

Whats your favorite past time? Hobbies, etc..
Hop scotch and double dutch. Oh, and 4 square. :) Plus any water sports. I'm trying skydiving for the first time tomorrow!

What type of hip hop do you like, favorite songs, artists?
The kind I can dance to: Ace Hood, Akon, T-Pain, Drake and Kayne West, and MANY MANY MANY MANY MORE!!!

If you could pick a rapper to do a scene with who would it be and why?
Eminem because he's hot sexy and has no problem expressing himself.

Craziest pick up line you've heard..?
Well, this is the dumbest one I've heard. "You remind me of Pokemon; I just want to pikachu." The lamest one I heard was: "I need you to get my dick wet"

Whats your favorite position?
Cowgirl because I think my ass is my best asset. Oh, and missionary because I love being on my back with a sexy guy on top doing all the work. :)

Whats some Turn ons/ turn offs from guys..
Guys who try to be better than everyone else and lie about themselves turn me off. Guys who wear their shirts inside out just so they dont have wash them. Gross! My turn ons would be no drinking, smoking, or drugs. A hot sexy body and light eyes. Someone who's a softy when there with me and a hard ass when they are not. Guys in a Military UNIFORM! :)

*Images of Rio Valentine™ Courtesy of DigitalPlayground
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