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lt moe
L.T. mOE is not only a producer and studio owner, he is an engineer, song writer, video director and editor.


With 12 years under his belt, there are no signs of producer L.T.mOE slowing down. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and now Atlanta based, this one of a kind producer prides himself on never forgetting where he came from. When other producers trying to make it in the game are out at the clubs partying, you can look no further then Studio 216-pronounced two sixteen- for it's owner L.T. mOE, who will probably be working on what is sure to be another banger for your speakers.

After years of grinding L.T. mOE's landed his first major placement was in 2004, on Ludacris's multi platinum album The Red Light District with a track titled-Spur of the Moment Feat. DJ Quik & Kimmi.

Some producers may have stopped there thinking they had made it, but the taste of a major placement and his pure love for what he was gifted to do only fueled L.T's love for production. He has since then produced for artists Tony Yayo, The Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, Chingy, Trey Songz, Bobby V, Jean Grae, M-1, Stat Quo, Rohff, Dem Franchize Boyz/Lloyd, just to name a few.
In 2008 L.T. mOE's production was shown in a multiple of varieties, from his placement on *Murs album Murs for President a song titled 'Everything' in which L.T. sampled James Blunt to *Murphy Lee's single feat. Kanjia 'My Shoes'.

2008 also was time for L.T. mOE to work more closely with his group The Plague Co. The Plague Co. consists of artists Donny Arcade, Okelis, and Buddy Boie. Close affiliates that can be found on many of the works by The Plague are artists Phoenix Jones and Adhae. In March 2009 The Plague Co. EP was released on, the EP was executive produced by L.T. mOE . The EP was supported by several websites and blog spots. The Plague Co. EP also gave a snippet of their 09 fall project Black SuperVillain Muzik, which is now getting its finishing touches for release and will be executive produced by L.T. mOE.

L.T. prefers the studio to being out on the town but he is always up to share his knowledge and experiences. In late 08 and into 2009 He has sat on panels for Atlanta's showcases I dO music and ATL Beat Battle.

L.T. mOE is not only a producer and studio owner, he is an engineer, song writer, video director and editor. March and April 2009 The Plague Co released two videos from their EP. 'Atlantis' and 'Act Stupid' both shot and edited by L.T.

In 2009 albums by Willy Northpole and F.L.Y both featured production by L.T. mOE. In late Aug 2009 Lil Scrappy released a mixtape titled "The Shape Up" with Don Cannon, Tee The Barber and DJ Infamous and featured 3 tracks produced by L.T. mOE and a video was released for the track "Chop It Up" in early Sept 09.

L.T. mOE's production was featured in September 2009 on both Ghostface Killah album entitled "Wizard of Poetry" (#11 I'll Be That ft Adrian Bailon) and Playaz Circle album "Flight 360" ("Ghetto" features CeeLo Green and Sunni Paterson).

In October of 2009 DJ Ames (U.K) releases: International Hustle-Producers edition Vol. 4 with L.T. mOE for free download. Coming up for L.T. mOE his production is set to be featured on the upcoming albums by Kandi (former member of Xscape/Real House wives of Atlanta) as well as two tracks on the up coming album by Lil Scrappy. L.T. mOE is also working on production with Lucadris, Bishop Lamont, St. Lunatics, Diamond and several others.

In the sping of 2010 The Plague Co. is set to release thier sophmore EP "Black Supervillain Music" excutive produced once again by L.T. mOE.


Everyone seems to have their own process in the studio.. what would you say yours is?

I just go where ever my heart is I pretty much play it by ear.

Who has been your most memorable artist to work with thus far?

Dr. Dre because that's somebody I grew up listening to.

Who's had the hardest work ethic out of everyone you've worked with?
Ludacris, Rudy Currence, Stat Quo, and Algebra Blesset. They would have to split that title.

What artist would you like to work with that you haven't yet?
Missy Elliott and Cresset Michelle

What producers do you respect and look up to?
Not to be funny but I don't look up to or down on any one but I respect a lot of producers like Quincy Jones, Willy Hutch, Curtis Mayfield, DJ Quik, DJ Premier, Battle Cat, and Dr. Dre

What was your highlight for 2009?
Outside of good health, getting 4 major placements thanks to my manager Zeek and the most media attention I've ever had in my career thanks to my P.R. Sincere.

What can listeners expect from you in 2010..?

I have a track with Ludacris feat. Jennifer Hudson called " Hear my cry " 2 tracks on Lil Scrappys album " The Grustle " I did a track for Kandi from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and former memeber of the r&b group Xscape her album is due early 2010. Projects I'm executive producing and producing: The Plague Co., Black Super Villain Music Ep, and The B.P.M. network Ep. also look out for these projects I'll be on: Machine Killers 2 and coming out on X-mas this year The Billboard Boys.



Ludacris - The Red Light District
10. Spur of the Moment (Ft. DJ Quik & Kimmi)

Jean Grae - This Week
11. The Wall


Ludacris - Ludacris Presents: Disturbing tha Peace
13. Table Dance (Ft. Bobby Valentino/Smoke of Field Mob & Lil Fate)

Tony Yayo - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon


M-1 - Confidential
10. Don't Put Down Your Flag (featuring Young Dre)

Tha Dogg Pound - Cali Iz Active
02. Kushin 'N Pushin

Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment
Do It
*Bonus Track added to select distributions

Eminem Presents - The Re-Up
23. Stat Quo-Billion Bucks
*Bonus Track on select over seas distributions

CD #1:
CD #2:

Stat Quo -EA Sports: Madden 2006
Rock Da Party

Stat Quo - STATLANTA* (inc.'04prod.)
Like That (co-produced by: L.T. mOE)

Ludacris ft. Jadakiss- Pre-Release Therapy mixtape W/DJ Green Lantern/Michael "5000" Watts
More, More, More


Chingy - Hate It or Love It
04. Fly Like Me (featuring Amerie)
08. "Trickin' off" Skit feat. Diamond
10. 2 Kool 2 Dance
12. How We Feel Feat. Anthony Hamilton

Ludacris-Fred Claus (Movie)

Trey Songz - Trey Day
15. You Got It

4-IZE - Fantastik 4-IZE
12.Follow The Drip


Dem Franchize Boyz - Our World, Our Way
07. Turn Heads (featuring Lloyd)

DJ Chong Wizard and DJ G-Spot Present - Machine Killers
04. Machine Killers Feat. Phoenix Jones, Buddy Boie & Donny Arcade
13. The Party Life Feat. Phoenix Jones, Donny Arcade, Buddy Boie
14. No Clothes Feat. The Plague

Murs - Murs For President
06. Everything

Murphy Lee Feat. Kanjia *Single
My Shoes


The Plague - The Plague Co. EP
*Executive Producer

Ludacris feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Katt Williams
Good Relationships
*Internet leak*

Willy Northpole - Tha Connect
11. Vegas Lights

F.L.Y - Jamboree
07. Across The Globe

Lil Scrappy - "The Shape Up" (mixtape) Don Cannon/Tee The Barber/DJ Infamous
Chop it Up
Onna Role (also known on the internet as "on a roll" and "I'm on a roll")

Murphy Lee ft. Day 26 - I'm Free (mixtape)
Mad At Me (single)

Ghostface Killah -Wizard of Poetry
11. I'll Be That (Ft. Adrienne Bailon)

Playaz Circle-Flight 360 Tha Takeoff
14. Ghetto Ft. Cee-Lo Green and Sunni Patterson

Ludacris ft Jennifer Hudson
Hear My Cry (internet leak Nov 09)

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