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Hair: Dark Black/Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height:5 ft 7
Weight:116 lbs
Ethnicity: Asian
Location: France

About Katsuni:
This French and Asian-fused beauty has taken the world by storm with her gorgeous face, kick-ass body and amazing drive. In two short years Katsuni has transformed from go-go dancer, to exotic entertainer, to Penthouse cover girl, and now to Digital Playground contract star.

Boasting a strong media presence in France, Katsuni was chosen by MCM to star in a 5-episode documentary about her life and career. Almost simultaneously, Genesis magazine named her one of the “Ten Most Popular Porn Stars in America.”

To date, Katsuni has graced numerous domestic and international magazine covers and has received more than 20 international awards for her on-camera performances. She appears weekly on French television channel TPS Star’s highly-rated entertainment show, “En Attendant Minuit,” and is currently writing a memoir.

In 2008 look for Katsuni in Katsuni: Sexual Freak 10, Naked Aces 3, Jesse Jane F*ck Fantasy, Minx, Katsuni: Video Nasty, Jack’s Big Tit Show 7, Minx and the highly anticipated Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.


What are your hobbies?
Touching myself ! lol .. In fact my job is my first hobby.I spend a lot of time thinking of new projects about my career, that's fun for me. When I have time I like training at the gym.I do also a little bit of contortion and when I can, I draw and paint. I wish I had more time to learn new things, like playing bass, but I focus first on my career.

Do you like any sports?
I love martial arts .I've practised karate when I was a teenager and I truly miss it.(that's why I was so excited to train for Pirates 2 as I had to fight!) I like dance in general ,and go skiing.

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I'm always working! Even when I relax I keep a link with my job which is sometimes a problem! Also, I like shopping, spending time with my family and my friends, go to the cinema and having a nice dinner. I like simple things.

What kind of men do you like?
The kind of men who make me feel as a real woman. Somebody who is mature,confident, smart.I like charismatic men who make me feel that things are under their control. To feel a strong energy inside a quiet man is very exciting. I don't like "bling-bling men" lol

What kind of music do you like?
I'm very open minded about music. I like all kind of musics: old fashioned french music like Brel, Piaf, but also Micheal Bubble, Muse, Radiohead, Pink, Metallica,Guns and Roses... and I love american hip-hop ( not so much french rap unless the french rapper Booba!). I like Eminem's style, He's a real smart artist. And if I could have some tickets to see 50 Cent, The Game and Snoop Dog, that would be fantastic!

Tell us more about your sexy self.
My "sexy self"? I didn't know this expression, I 'm french you know...I would say that if you watch my scenes you will have an idea of my "sexy self" because I don't lie. I do this job because I truly love sex and I express myself through my scenes...BUT I'm not only that. I also love taking my time, which is not showed in the movies.. I love feeling my partner in different ways. Having sex is not only about making a penetration. Smelling, listening, tasting the other one, and not only touching him/her is a great way to appreciate him/her. For me, sex is like food. My "sexy self" is motivated by envy and pleasure...so my "sexy self" is always a "hungry self"!


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