Jenny is Back on the Block!

j loj lo

J lo has tried to take it back to her hip hop roots with her new single do it well! She was spotted shooting the video and here are some of the pics! Is it me or does it seem like J-Lo drops an album every month? And before i get off the subject I really hope rat king Marc Anthony isn’t in the video I need some real eye candy LOL!

Foxy may be Preggos now!


Everybody’s with child these days but apparently Foxy has joined the club. A spy has given me some valuable information that may back up the fact that rapper Foxy Brown may be pregnant. The spy says a few days ago Foxy was spotted pushing a shopping cart at Bed, Bath, And Beyond and telling people, “I’m getting married in September. I’m pregnant” This is a good thing for Foxy and it damn sure explains all the extra baggage she’s been carrying around the midsection! Hopefully this will change her outlook on life and her career! OR….. maybe NOT!

It’s Official Bow Wow and Angela Simmons are TOGETHER!

bow wow simmons

Remember you heard it here first Angela Simmons and Bow Wow are an item. In recent interviews the two have always denied being together but finally some truth comes to the light. The new couple made their debut at the ESPN Madden 08 Afterparty last week. The two were extremely open about their relationship holding hands and never leaving each others sight. Even though there was speculation that Bow Wow may be seeing the little pussycat doll girl he traded her in for a Simmons women! Good look Bow seeing as she is racking in the dough right now a K-Fed look wouldn’t be so bad for you cause your rap career is shot!

Eve talks about her attraction to Angelina Jolie. WTF!


Aside from In the recent issue of HX Magazine Eve keeps it real about her support from the gay community her failure fashion line Fetish and her attraction to actress Angelina Jolie check it out:

HX MAG: What happened to your fashion line, Fetish?
EVE: The last partner I had I was Marc Ecko, and we just didnt see eye to eye. Instead of going to court, we just decided to let the contract die out. Now I’m with new partners, a group called Signature group, and they’re amazing. We’re relaunching the line this fall, and then were doing a big line in the spring, so it looks amazing. Im so happy with it.

HX MAG: At what point in your career did you know the gay community supported you?
EVE: I feel like they have always supported me from the time I came out. I always felt good if a gay person gave me props. Honestly, I feel like if a gay person gives you props, you must be doing something right. That’s just real, and I always felt like that. I wish I remembered this drag queens name. I was in downtown New York and she pulled me to the side and she was like, “Girl, you are hot! Okay? You dont let nobody tell you different! I loved it! I was like,  Thank you! Im happy I have the support.

HX MAG: Do you get approached a lot by women?
EVE: Yeah, I used to more when I first came out. Ive had people tell me straight up and down that I was gay”I still get it from people. I get more accusations than I actually do get hit on now.

HX MAG: Did it make you uncomfortable?
EVE: Gay women are way more aggressive than men”I will definitely say that. [Laughs] But it doesnt bother me. Ive never been disrespected in any way. If Im like, Yo, I get it, but I dont swing that way, then its all love.

HX MAG: Why doesnt the hip-hop community want gay support?
EVE: Trust me, Ive heard of and know of some instances of people in the industry who are gay or who have participated in certain situations. Its a male-dominated industry, and for some reason they just dont want to talk about it. I dont understand why ”I guess its a macho thing. Its ridiculous to me. Me, I love it. The more support for me, the better!

HX MAG: So those stories about closeted gay or bisexual rappers in hip-hop arent just rumors?
EVE: I can say of one specific situation that I know for sure.

HX MAG: Who is your celebrity girl-crush?
EVE: My girl crush is Angelina Jolie. Thats an everybody girl-crush” thats my dogs crush! [Laughs] There is one more person: Dita Von Teese. Im obsessed with her! I want a Dita Von Teese doll and Ill be happy. Shes just bananas!

Atleast she was honest!