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Bust :: 38d
Waist :: 26
Hips :: 38
Eyes : Blue
Birthplace: Alaska
Nationality: Swedish/English
location: Los Angeles
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“I've been a professional model for a decade, and have lately been focusing on my new passion: pin-up photography. I'm a down-to-earth, passionate, business-savvy, happy person!"


Playboy’s November Playmate, Divini Rae grew up in a log cabin with no running water or electricity. She was an avid reader and graduated from high school with honors and a 3.8 g.p.a., one year early. She then studied psychology (major) and journalism (minor) at University of Oregon on an academic scholarship before a vacation in Sydney, Australia during her junior year led to a permanent change of continents. After being discovered on Bondi Beach in Sydney by a female photographer, Divini began lingerie and swimwear modeling. She lived between Sydney and New York for five years before moving to Los Angeles to work as a photographer. Divini also dabbled in acting work while living down under, guest starring on the popular TV drama Above the Law, soap opera Home and Away, and hosting a show on which she interviewed sports celebrities. “I never had any ambition to be an actress - or a model for that matter - but I had a great time working on some excellent shows and shooting some great campaigns.”

She even launched her own monthly magazine, SWAY (Sydney Will Amaze You), documenting the city’s abundant nightlife. “Hef granted me an interview for the special edition issue of SWAY, and that issue is now a collector’s item,” she says. Miss November’s enthusiasm for what lies around the corner is infectious. This is one brainy beauty whose hands are never idle. “It’s rare that I relax,” she says. “I have so much energy that I do sit-ups to feel productive while I watch my favorite TV shows : Will & Grace and Law & Order.” She’s just as focused about the type of men she likes. “I see the soul, not the packaging. As in, I don’t care much about looks,” she says. “I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. I’m only attracted to exceptional, magnificent human beings who can think outside the box. I notice people with inner strength, confidence, charisma, wisdom, and sophistication - those who are articulate and creative, like to read, have a silly sense of humor, and a positive, easygoing nature. I like rugged men, not boys, and I expect to be treated like a lady - open doors for me and always speak kindly and respectfully. I’m not into the bad-boy thing or celebrity egos ; just gentlemen with manners for me thanks.”

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